Private Detective (1939)

A custody battle is raging between Millard Lannon (John Eldredge) and his ex-wife Mona (Gloria Dickson). In attempt to discredit his ex-wife, Millard has called upon the Nation-Wide Detective Agency. Agency head Simmy Sanger (Selmar Jackson) tells top detective Myrna “Jinx” Winslow (Jane Wyman) that she must testify against Mona. Firm in her belief that Mr. Lannon only wants custody in order to have access … Continue reading Private Detective (1939)

Doomed Cargo (1936)

John Harwood (Edmund Lowe) is an American detective on vacation in France, enjoying a Carnival celebration at his hotel. Pretty drunk and dressed up in a devil costume, he meets a fellow party-goer wearing a grotesque mask. Later than evening, John is beginning to sober up and returns to his room… where he finds the mysterious masked stranger, dead. He immediately sets out to alert … Continue reading Doomed Cargo (1936)

Girl Missing (1933)

Young and lovely June Dale (Mary Brian) is being pursued by the wealthy but far-too-pushy Kenneth Van Dusen (Guy Kibbee). When June’s friend Kay (Glenda Farrell) walks in and puts a stop to Kenneth’s attempts to woo June, he leaves them at their fancy Palm Beach hotel, sticking them with the bill. Luckily for Kay and June, their old showgirl “pal” Daisy Bradford (Peggy Shannon) … Continue reading Girl Missing (1933)

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936)

Paula Bradford (Jean Arthur) is a mystery writer and wannabe sleuth. She has come to the apartment of her ex-husband, Dr. Lawrence Bradford (William Powell), to get his opinion on her latest theory. Jockey Eddie Sands died suddenly during a major horse race, and Paula aims to prove he was murdered. Reluctantly, Dr. Bradford agrees to examine Eddie’s body. He’s never liked Paula’s hobby of … Continue reading The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936)

The Fallen Idol (1948)

Phillipe (Bobby Henrey) is an innocent but slightly mischievous young man. His father is a French ambassador, and his mother has been away from home for many years, hospitalized. Phillippe barely remembers her, in fact. With both of his parents being distant absentees, Phillipe spends much of his time with Baines (Ralph Richardson), the family butler.  They share conversations, go for walks together, play games, … Continue reading The Fallen Idol (1948)

The Accursed (1958)

Each year since the end of World War II, the surviving members of a resistance group have met on the anniversary of their leader’s execution by the Nazis, to commemorate his life and their time fighting together. At the latest of these meetings, Colonel Price (Donald Wolfit) – who is hosting the meeting at his home – announces that a secret has been discovered: their leader’s death … Continue reading The Accursed (1958)

Lured (1947)

Lucy Barnard (Tanis Chandler) and Sandra Carpenter (Lucille Ball) are toe-tapping ladies making their living in a dance hall. The two are close friends, and when they’re both offered auditions for a new gig, Sandra couldn’t be more excited. A Fleming and Wilde show! And the opportunity to dance alongside her best friend — without the smarmy male customers of the dance hall! What could be … Continue reading Lured (1947)

HORROR HALF WEEK, Day 2: The Black Raven (1943)

Welcome to Day 2 of Horror Half-Week! Today we take a look at a dark and stormy mystery. Previous post from this year’s spooky celebration: Day 1, The Devil’s Hand It is a dark and stormy night near the Canadian border. With all of the bridges in the area washed out, leaving no way to cross the border, several travelers seek refuge at The Black … Continue reading HORROR HALF WEEK, Day 2: The Black Raven (1943)