The Plot Thickens (1936)

Inspector Oscar Piper (James Gleason) has a twisted new case on his hands when John Carter (Richard Tucker) is found dead in his study by his butler, Kendall (Arthur Aylesworth). There are several suspicious people in Carter’s circle. Alice Stevens seems to be the last person to have seen Carter alive; her boyfriend, Robert Wilkins, was seen arguing with Carter by a cop; and there’s … Continue reading The Plot Thickens (1936)

Tell No Tales (1939)

Michael Cassidy (Melvyn Douglas) is celebrating the 75th anniversary of his newspaper when he gets horrifying news from the paper’s owner, Matt Cooper: the paper is to stop publication immediately. When anger brews over the suddenness of the announcement and combines with Michael’s pride for the paper, he hatches a plan to solve a kidnapping case, get the scoop, and prove that the paper’s good … Continue reading Tell No Tales (1939)

Death on the Diamond (1934)

Spring training is an exciting time in major league baseball, and it’s about to get even more exciting for young pitcher Larry Kelly (Robert Young). Manager/owner Pop Clark (David Landau) has decided to bring Larry onto his team, the St. Louis Cardinals. Pop needs a good player to bring the team a winning edge. He confesses to his daughter, team secretary Frances (Madge Evans), that … Continue reading Death on the Diamond (1934)

Halloweek: The Hidden Hand (1942)

Welcome back to Halloweekl! TMP’s annual celebration of all things spooky in the days leading up to Halloween has been extended from four days to seven! Today’s chiller is a 1942 haunted house mystery, The Hidden Hand. Stay tuned for more through Tuesday! John Channing (Milton Parsons) has escaped from an asylum and returned to the family home, where his sister Lorinda (Cecil Cunningham) lives. … Continue reading Halloweek: The Hidden Hand (1942)

The File on Thelma Jordon (1950)

“I’d like to say I didn’t intend to kill her, but when you have a gun, you always intend if you have to.” Cleve Marshall (Wendell Corey) doesn’t know what’s coming to him when the mysterious Thelma Jordon (Barbara Stanwyck) visits his office late one night. She’s there to report an attempted burglary at her aunt’s house. Upset about his failing marriage, he decides to … Continue reading The File on Thelma Jordon (1950)

The Case of the Curious Bride (1935)

Rhoda Montaine (Margaret Lindsay) has just learned some shocking news. Her first husband, Gregory Moxley (Errol Flynn), was thought to be dead… but he’s alive. Not only that, he’s blackmailing Rhoda! Rhoda has remarried with Carl Montaine (Donald Woods), a wealthy man. She wants to protect him from scandal, so she calls on her old friend Perry Mason (Warren William) to help her get out … Continue reading The Case of the Curious Bride (1935)

The Witness Chair (1936)

The body of businessman Stanley Whittaker (Douglass Dumbrille) has been found in his office, gun in hand and next to a typewritten confession that he’s guilty of embezzlement. Lieutenant Poole (Moroni Olsen) and his assistant (Fred Kelsey) initially assume that the death is a suicide… but after closer examination, foul play is suspected. But who is the culprit? Could it be James Trent (Walter Abel), … Continue reading The Witness Chair (1936)

Favorite things about… Rebecca (1940)

The favorite film: Rebecca, a 1940 romantic thriller from the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock The synopsis: When a shy young woman meets and falls in love with the wealthy Maxim de Winter in Monte Carlo, they quickly marry before heading back to his Cornwall estate, Manderley. But after arriving, the bride finds that the memory of Maxim’s first wife still looms large over Manderley. … Continue reading Favorite things about… Rebecca (1940)

Topper Returns (1941)

Gail (Joan Blondell) and Ann (Carole Landis) are in a car wreck one day on their way to the home of Ann’s estranged father. They’re nearly stranded, but luckily, Cosmo Topper (Roland Young) and his chauffeur happen to pass by. Topper rescues the girls and drops them at the Carrington mansion, though it looks practically deserted. There’s an eerie aura about the place, but they’re eventually … Continue reading Topper Returns (1941)