Panic in the Streets (1950)

A night of gambling goes very wrong for an illegal immigrant when he bets against a notorious local known as Blackie (Jack Palance) and his gang of rough-and-tumble men. So wrong, in fact, that the group of gangsters decides he must die. The next day, a corpse turns up in the water in the docks of New Orleans, absolutely riddled with bullet wounds. The police, … Continue reading Panic in the Streets (1950)

My Forbidden Past (1951)

New Orleans in the late 1800s may seem like an exciting place, but it’s more complicated than exciting for the Beaurevel family. Barbara Beaurevel (Ava Gardner) is a young and beautiful girl, living with her cousin Paul (Melvyn Douglas) and his mother (Lucile Watson). Barbara’s aunt and cousin refuse to acknowledge her grandmother, who had a sketchy past but was only trying to provide for … Continue reading My Forbidden Past (1951)