Betty Hutton: A tribute

Elizabeth June Thornburg isn’t a name that most people would recognize, but Betty Hutton certainly is a recognizable name in entertainment. Born Elizabeth June Thornburg on February 26, 1921, Betty was the daughter of a railroad foreman and his wife, a homemaker. The family lived in Battle Creek, Michigan. (And yes, the fact that she’s a fellow Michigander was a factor in my decision to … Continue reading Betty Hutton: A tribute

Happy birthday, Joan Blondell!

From frisky pre-codes to a small supporting role in 1978’s Grease, there’s no denying Joan Blondell’s talent and screen presence. And it’s no surprise that she became such a star, with her show biz upbringing. Rose Joan Blondell was born into a family of vaudeville performers on August 30, 1906. Her parents were traveling performers, carting the family around the world to put on spectacular … Continue reading Happy birthday, Joan Blondell!