Mill Creek Musings: Delightfully Dangerous (1945)

Sherry Williams (Jane Powell) is a young girl who, like many young people, dreams of having a big-time singing career. She’s 15 years old, and she’s already working hard to achieve her goals, studying at the Fernridge School of Music. Sherry wants to find success like her sister, Jo (Constance Moore), who is living in New York and working in stage musicals. Sherry is set … Continue reading Mill Creek Musings: Delightfully Dangerous (1945)

Mill Creek Musings: Woman in the Shadows (1934)

John Bradley (Ralph Bellamy) is a released prisoner who has been serving time because he accidentally killed a man during a brawl — hit him a bit too hard for flirting with his girl, Helen (Nell O’Day). Knowing that he has anger issues, John decides to isolate himself by moving into and renovating a cabin that was built by his father. Helen tries to reunite … Continue reading Mill Creek Musings: Woman in the Shadows (1934)

Carole Lombard Glamour Collection: Hands Across the Table (1935)

Throughout the month of May I’ll be sharing reviews of the films featured in the Carole Lombard Glamour collection DVD set. This is the first review in the series. Regi Allen (Carole Lombard) is a hotel manicurist with dreams of finding a rich husband so she can finally get out of the poverty she’s been living in for her entire life. Regi strikes up a friendship … Continue reading Carole Lombard Glamour Collection: Hands Across the Table (1935)

Ever In My Heart (1933)

Mary Archer (Barbara Stanwyck), a beautiful and young American girl, is patiently awaiting the return of her friend(/sometimes boyfriend) Jeff (Ralph Bellamy) from active duty in Germany. When Jeff finally does return, he brings back a German friend named Hugo (Otto Kruger). Rather than taking up a romance with Jeff as she had expected, Mary falls for Hugo. (I would have marked that as a … Continue reading Ever In My Heart (1933)

Favorite things about… Forbidden

The favorite film: Forbidden, a 1932 Columbia Pictures romantic drama directed by Frank Capra The synopsis: Lulu is a dowdy librarian who decides to do something for herself and take a vacation from her dull, plain life. She takes a cruise to Cuba, where she meets and falls in love with a man named Bob. When they return to the States, Lulu learns that Bob … Continue reading Favorite things about… Forbidden

Affectionately Yours (1941)

Having the opportunity to travel the world as a reporter can turn a married man into a womanizer – or so is the case for Rickey Mayberry (Dennis Morgan). Though his caring wife, Sue (Merle Oberon), waits for him in the States, Rickey spends his “business” trips flirting with just about every attractive woman he comes in contact with. Rickey often ropes in the ladies, … Continue reading Affectionately Yours (1941)

Picture Snatcher (1933)

Danny Kean (James Cagney) is fresh off of a prison sentence and has a long track record of criminal involvement. This time, though, he’s determined to become an honest citizen. Danny is hired by Al McLean (Ralph Bellamy) to work as a photographer for a local newspaper with a somewhat seedy reputation, but he’s happy with the gig because he sees the potential to become … Continue reading Picture Snatcher (1933)