Petticoat Fever (1936)

Dascom Dinsmore (Robert Montgomery) is a telegraph operator working and living in an isolated cabin in the snowy north. His only human contact is with his occasional Eskimo assistant, Kimo (Otto Yamaoka). Dascom’s cabin is about to get a lot more social, though. Sir James Felton (Reginald Owen) has had to make an emergency  landing … More Petticoat Fever (1936)

Collector’s Corner: Favorite romance purchases!

As much as I like to be a grump on Valentine’s Day, there’s no doubt I’m a total sucker for romantic films. Romance is one of my most-watched genres, and one of the most-represented genres in my film collection. From the rom-coms of my youth to heartbreaking classic melodramas to screwballs starring Cary Grant, I’ve … More Collector’s Corner: Favorite romance purchases!

Favorite things about… The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

The favorite film: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, a 1947 romantic fantasy directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz The cast: Gene Tierney as Lucy Rex Harrision as Captain Daniel Gregg George Sanders as Miles “Uncle Neddy” Fairley Edna Best as Martha Huggins Robert Coote as Mr. Coombe The synopsis: Since the death of her husband, Lucy … More Favorite things about… The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

Bed of Roses (1933)

Lorry Evans (Constance Bennett) and Minnie Brown (Pert Kelton) have been released from jail and are boarding a boat for New Orleans. They’re short on money and prospects, but hope they’ll have some luck in the city. When they run into trouble on the boat, Lorry jumps overboard to avoid being arrested again and is … More Bed of Roses (1933)

The Little Hut (1957)

Susan (Ava Gardner) doesn’t have the ideal marriage. Wed to Sir Philip Ashlowe (Stewart Granger), a British noble, she feels neglected as he spends his time fulfilling stately duties. Desperate to reconnect, Susan convinces Philip that they should take a vacation on their yacht. Several friends are invited along, including Henry Brittingham-Brett (David Niven), with … More The Little Hut (1957)

Love Letters (1945)

Alan Quinton (Joseph Cotten) is an officer on the front in Italy during World War II. A fellow officer, Roger Morland (Robert Sully), has enlisted Alan’s help with a personal project. Before heading off to war, Roger met a girl named Victoria (Jennifer Jones), and he needs help coming up with romantic things to say … More Love Letters (1945)