Favorite things about… She Done Him Wrong (1933)

A note from Lindsey: Last year I featured this film as a Netflix Instant Pick, but I figured it was time I give it the attention it deserves, so I’m talking about it again (and at length this time around!) The favorite film: She Done Him Wrong, a 1933 comedy/drama from Paramount Pictures. The film was directed by Lowell Sherman and adapted for the screen … Continue reading Favorite things about… She Done Him Wrong (1933)

Netflix Instant Pick #3

She Done Him Wrong (1933) stars Mae West and Cary Grant, which alone is enough reason to watch, especially given that both deliver stellar performances. West is Lady Lou, an extremely sassy singer who falls for a younger man (Captain Cummings, Grant’s character) while seeking protection from her crazy, criminal ex-boyfriend. West really carries this film and remains unmatched in terms of wit. Lady Lou … Continue reading Netflix Instant Pick #3