Monster on the Campus (1958)

Curious paradox, isn’t it, gentlemen? After a million-year climb up the evolutionary ladder, man’s great discovery is the way to undo his accomplishments and turn himself into a beast again. The great temptation of our time, to let the beast triumph over the seeker for truth.” Dr. Donald Blake (Arthur Franz) is a paleontology professor at Dunsfield University, receiving his latest specimen for research, a … Continue reading Monster on the Campus (1958)

Rome Adventure (1962)

Prudence Bell (Suzanne Pleshette), an assistant librarian at a New England school, is being reprimanded for recommending a book called Lovers Must Learn to a student. Standing up for herself and the book, she ultimately chooses to resign and jets off to Rome, to meet people who truly understand the meaning of love. On the boat over from New York, Pru meets Albert Stillwell (Hampton … Continue reading Rome Adventure (1962)

My Blood Runs Cold (1965)

Julie (Joey Heatherton) is a wild child with a habit of causing trouble for her family. Her latest stunt involved driving her car into the ocean, to avoid hitting a motorcyclist. The biker, Ben Gunther (Troy Donahue), luckily survives the accident, only slightly injuring his shoulder. He seems to recognize Julie, but calls her by a different name: Barbara. Julie and her boyfriend Harry (Nicolas … Continue reading My Blood Runs Cold (1965)