Star of Midnight (1935)

“Hey, this is swell. Home murder mysteries! Why go out for thrills when you can have them in your own parlor?” Tim Winthrop (Leslie Fenton) has asked his criminal lawyer pal Clay Dalzell (William Powell) for help tracking down a missing girlfriend. Clay’s sort-of fiancée, Donna Mantin (Ginger Rogers) is intrigued by the case. That … More Star of Midnight (1935)

Reckless (1935)

Stage starlet Mona Leslie (Jean Harlow) has been jailed for reckless driving, but luckily for the young lady, her grandmother (May Robson) is determined to bust her out of the place. Granny enlists the help of Ned Riley (William Powell), who is in love with Mona. Ned comes through and manages to get Mona out of … More Reckless (1935)

TCM Discoveries Blogathon: The Thin Man series

I’ve lost count of the number of favorite films I’ve discovered through Turner Classic Movies, the beloved TV network known as TCM, for short. I credit the network with introducing me to practically all of my favorite stars — Cary Grant, Barbara Stanwyck, Fred and Ginger, Myrna Loy. When The Nitrate Diva announced the TCM … More TCM Discoveries Blogathon: The Thin Man series

Favorite things about… Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

The favorite film: Manhattan Melodrama, a 1934 crime drama/romance directed by W. S. Van Dyke for MGM. The synopsis: Blackie Gallagher and Jim Wade have been friends for years, but their lives have taken opposite paths. Blackie is a gambler and a criminal, while bookish Jim takes a job as a District Attorney and plans … More Favorite things about… Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

Carole Lombard Glamour Collection: Man of the World (1931)

Jimmie Powers (William Powell) was once a reporter with a budding career, but after a scandal he found himself unable to find work in the United States. Now living in Paris, Jimmie goes by “Michael Trevor” and runs a sleazy newspaper, writing about the wealthy American men who come to Paris. The latest in Michael’s … More Carole Lombard Glamour Collection: Man of the World (1931)

Double Wedding (1937)

Waldo (John Beal) and Irene (Florence Rice) are a young, engaged couple, full of life and hopeful for a great future. Unfortunately, they’re living with their opposite: Irene’s sister Margit (Myrna Loy), a stuffy and very composed woman who wants to plan every detail of their lives, from their wedding to their daily meals. She … More Double Wedding (1937)