The Proposal (2009): 3.5/5

Poor Margaret (Bullock) must sacrifice her beloved cell phone in order to save the family dog (via

Let me begin by saying that I didn’t actually choose to watch this film. I share a Netflix account with my dad and sister, and Dad, always a sucker for a comedy, put this right at the top of our DVD queue. My hopes were low, seeing as I don’t remember liking a Sandra Bullock film since my childhood favorite cheese-fest Hope Floats. In short, I expected to be reviewing this with a rating of 1/5.

Margaret Tate (Bullock) is going to be deported back to Canada due to an expired visa. In order to avoid such a fate, she concocts a plan to become “engaged” to her assistant (Ryan Reynolds). The two go to his home town in Alaska and spend time with his super-rich, practically town-owning family.

This one certainly exceeded my expectations. I didn’t love it by any means, but it was much better than I assumed it would be.

Of course, it has its letdown moments. And those letdowns are often fairly large letdowns. Sandra Bullock rapping, for example? No thanks. It’s just awkward.

But it also has its redeeming moments. Betty White faking a heart attack to manipulate her family is complete gold (though I must admit, I have a Betty bias. She’s adorable!). Ryan Reynolds’ Just Friends-esque sentimental, lovey confession near the end? A definite ‘Aw’ moment.

A couple of nice scenes, a couple of laughs, some lovely faux-Alaskan scenery and a sweet, happy ending make for a decent rom-com. Don’t go adding it to your DVD collection, but if you’re looking for a fairly recent and light romantic comedy, it serves its purpose.