Clara Bow became the ‘it girl’ of Hollywood after starring as sassy store clerk Betty Lou in 1927’s It. Inspired by an Elinor Glyn short story, It follows Betty Lou as she vies for the affection of a rich, attractive higher-up. That man just so happens to be the object of another woman’s affection as well, though Betty Lou may succeed in making him forget all about that.

Don’t let the somewhat cliche plot fool you: this is a fantastic film. It embodies the fashion, elegance and charisma of the Jazz Age. What seems like an over-done story to the modern viewer is pulled off well by a fantastic cast and a whole lot of laughs. There’s no question that Clara Bow had something special about her — an ‘it factor,’ as the title of the film may suggest. She brings such spunk to the character of Betty Lou that this film is a delight to watch, even for those who aren’t into silents, and the rest of the cast does a great job as well.

This film is available on to be viewed Netflix both instantly and in your mailbox. I highly suggest that you add it to your queue or hit “play” as soon as possible.