Jude Law stars as Jack Burden, who recounts his time working with Sean Penn’s Southern politican Willie Stark. (Image via allmoviephoto.com)

“Time brings all things to light.”
All the King’s Men 

dir. Steven Zaillian; starring Jude Law, Sean Penn, Patricia Clarkson, etc.
All the King’s Men features a top-notch cast. It moves a but slowly but is an interesting political drama, featuring good performances and beautiful cinematography. The score: 3.5/5

Frank falls for Cora, and the two enter a passionate but quite sinister relationship, plotting with each other to take Cora’s husband out of the picture. (Image via lewiswaynegallery.com)

“If there was an Eleventh Commandment, they would have broken that too.”
The Postman Always Rings Twice

dir. Bob Rafelson; starring Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson
Nicholson and Lange give great performances and are believable as the dysfunctional couple, but the film as a whole is a bit too explicit for my taste. The 1981 version of The Postman Always Rings Twice comes nowhere near the level of 1946’s film of the same name (which is my favorite of the many, many adaptations of James M. Cain’s novel), but it’s still an interesting watch. The score: 3/5

Del (right, portrayed by Leitch) becomes a big star on a television dance show in The In Crowd.

“They had all the moves!”
The In Crowd

dir. Mark Rosenthal; starring Donovan Leitch and Jennifer Runyon
The In Crowd is a 20th century period piece with a fantastic soundtrack but not much else going for it. The actors, story and characters aren’t particularly engrossing, but it’s a decent watch and improves slightly as it progresses. The score: 2/5