Reviews in a line or two: Sweet Revenge, One for the Money, Centre Place

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“Getting even… just got even funnier!”
Sweet Revenge
(aka The Revengers’ Comedies, 1998)

dir. Malcom Mowbray; starring Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Neill
This British comedy with a Strangers on a Train-esque plot is a fast paced, witty and highly enjoyable yet somewhat sinister piece of work. The lead performances are very good, and the premise alone of this forgotten gem is reason enough to watch. The score: 4/5

Debbie Reynolds takes a shot at dinner as Stephanie Plum’s grandma in One for the Money, based on the mystery novel by Janet Evanovich (Image via

“She’s looking for a few not-so-good men.”
One for the Money
dir. Julie Ann Robinson; starring Katherine Heigl
This adaptation of Janet Evanovich’s novel was better than I expected, but doesn’t come near living up to the book. The cast doesn’t have as much chemistry as the characters in the book (and it needs more Debbie Reynolds!). The score: 2.8/5

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Centre Place (2009)
dir. Ben Shackleford; starring Julia Markovski, Sullivan Stapleton and Alison Whyte
This Australian romance can feel a bit stiff, but gets better as it progresses and overall makes for a very sweet drama-comedy. It isn’t perfect, but it’s worth watching. The score: 3/5

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