Andrea Bowen stars as a girl named Hannah who goes from squeaky-clean, religious girl to purple-haired bad girl and back again. (Image via TV Equals)

The Preacher’s Daughter (2012)
Directed and written by Michelle Mower
Starring Andrea Bowen
Though the saucy preview of this Lifetime Movie Network production gave me high expectations for another cheese-filled, totally awesome viewing experience, this was one of the slowest films I’ve ever seen. Hannah’s ultra-stereotypical “goth” friend (Jamie Teer) and the creepy “musical minister” (Adam Mayfield) are undoubtedly the best parts of the movie, but their overzealous performances can’t save it. The score: 1/5

(Image via CinemaSlasher)

Parents (1989)
Directed by Bob Balaban; Written by Christopher Hawthorne
Starring Randy Quaid and Mary Beth Hurt
Parents is a dark comedy with some seriously freaky moments, constantly leaving the viewer guessing where truth can be found. Randy Quaid and Mary Beth Hurt give perfect performances as extremely creepy (but also hilarious), potentially cannibalistic parents of a young, disturbed boy. This film parodies the stereotypes of the 1950s almost as successfully as Pleasantville, but with a twist of horror. It also boasts a few moments of really awesome cinematography. The score: 4/5

Parker Posey stars as a girl, fresh out of the mental hospital, who likes to pretend she’s Jackie O and is in love with her brother. (Image via IMDb)

The House of Yes (1997)
Based on the play by Wendy MacLeod; Directed and adapted by Mark Waters
Starring Parker Posey, Josh Hamilton, Tori Spelling, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Genevieve BujoldThe House of Yes has a very interesting premise that ends up as a predictable but good dark comedy. Parker Posey is amazing, and this role is perfect for her. The movie is nuts and deals with some taboo subject matter (incest, for example) but it’s a great watch. The score: 4.5/5