The favorite film:
Gilda, a spectacular 1946 noir-drama directed by Charles Vidor

(Imgae: Noir of the Week)
(Imgae: Noir of the Week)

The synopsis:
Casino owner Ballin Mundson gets a surprise when he returns to the business with a beautiful new wife, Gilda, only to discover that she has a past with his right-hand man, Johnny. Meanwhile, Mundson is also wrapped up in a secret business deal with a few nasty men.

(Image: The Redlist)
(Image: The Redlist)

The cast:
Rita Hayworth as Gilda
Glenn Ford as Johnny Farrell
George Macready as Ballin Mundson
Steven Geray as Uncle Pio
Joseph Calleia as Detective Maurice Obregon

Fun facts:

  • Rita Hayworth broke two of Glenn Ford’s teeth when she had to smack him for a scene.
  • Contrary to a widespread rumor, Rita does not do her own singing in this film, nor does she sing in any other film. All of the musical scenes in her films were dubbed because the studio didn’t think her voice was strong enough to use.
  • This film was entered into the first-ever Cannes Film Festival. However, it did not receive any awards.
  • The film has a remarkably high 96% approval rating by critics on Rotten Tomatoes and holds a steady 87% audience rating. The single “Rotten” critic review gives the film a 2/5 rating but offers no full review.

Favorite things:

(Image: Inspired by Dahlface)
(Image: Inspired by Dahlface)
  • Johnny’s striped tie
  • Johnny’s “Oh lord, I know that voice” expression just before Gilda makes her first appearance on screen
  • Sassy Pio, the toilet attendant
  • Gilda’s sassy dancing skillz
  • SUDDEN SHOOTOUT TIME! That crazy mustache should have told them he was trouble!
  • Gilda’s sparkly coat
  • Johnny beating Gilda’s boy toy
  • Gilda’s perfect hair
  • PUT THE BLAME ON MAAAAME (Acoustic version)
  • Gilda’s crazy  cowgirl costume for the party
  • Nothing like a dead guy to ruin a good party!
  • Ballin’s escape plan
  • Rita’s apartment, complete with floral-patterned couch – Can I live here?
  • Gilda slapping Johnny
  • PUT THE BLAME ON MAAAAME (Full band version)
  • Gilda’s feminine wiles causin’ the dudes to riot
  • You go, Uncle Pio! Kill that sneaky snake of a man!
  • The chemistry between Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth
  • Beautiful cinematography. The silhouettes in the scene where Johnny is asked about teaching Gilda to swim – UGH I die.
  • All of the performances are so wonderful.
(Image: Love Those Classic Movies)
(Image: Love Those Classic Movies)
  • Quotes:
    • Johnny: “As usual, I made my own luck.”
    • Johnny: “Do I get a raise?”
      Ballin: “No.”
    • Gilda: “Sure, I’m decent.”
    • Gilda: “Johnny is such a hard name to remember, and so easy to forget.”
    • Gilda: ‘If there’s anything I love it’s a spontaneous, impulsive compliment like that.”
    • Johnny: “Doesn’t it bother you at all that you’re married?”
    • Ballin: “Women are funny little creatures, Johnny.”
    • Gilda: “How very pretty you look in your nightgown.”
    • Johnny: “Rebound from what?”
      Gilda: “You.”
    • Pio: “I’ll be here after you are gone, Mr. Peasant.”
    • Pio: “I have two lovely hats of pigs…”
    • Ballin: “Perhaps it’s in the air. Perhaps you shouldn’t have opened the window. Close it.”
    • Detective Obregon (after Gilda leaves the party): “Lose something, Mr. Ferrell?”
    • Gilda: “Hate is a very exciting emotion. Haven’t you noticed?”
    • Audience member (after Gilda’s performance): “MOOOORE! MOOOORE! MOOOORE!”
    • Detective Obregon: “You two kids love each other terribly, don’t you?”

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