Doris Worthington (Carole Lombard) is a beautiful, wealthy woman traveling through the Pacific on a yacht.

When there’s an accident and the yacht sinks, Doris manages to make her way to an island closeby with the help of Stephen Jones (Bing Crosby). Stephen is a sailor and a singer, and luckily for the group he’s got the knowledge to keep them alive on the island.

Everyone is reluctant to let Stephen take control of the whole survival operation at first, but eventually they warm up to him when they realize how skilled he is.

(Image: Doctor Macro)
(Image: Doctor Macro)

Norman Taurog directs We’re Not Dressing, which appears on the first disc of “Carole Lombard – The Glamour Collection.” The film is based on “The Admirable Crichton” by J. M. Barrie.

Rounding out the absolutely wonderful cast along with Lombard and Crosby are George Burns, Gracie Allen, Ethel Merman, Leon Errol, Ray Milland and Jay Henry.

All cast members do very well in their roles, but George Burns and Gracie Allen completely steal the film. They’re equal parts adorable and hilarious, and they bring a great sense of fun to the film.

Lombard and Crosby also play very well off of each other. There is a tense-but-chemistry-packed dynamic between them, making them the type of couple you know will inevitably get together but will have to jump a few hurdles in the process.

We’re Not Dressing is a musical, and with Bing Crosby at the helm, the tunes are — of course — highly enjoyable. Lively song and dance scenes are complemented by love songs with a more mellow tempo.

This is another light watch, even lighter than Hands Across the Table despite the fact that there’s a terrible shipwreck involved. This cotton-candy fare is very high on rewatchability.

We’re Not Dressing boasts a top-notch cast, a “stuck on an island” plot that keeps the viewer hooked (even if the Lombard/Crosby outcome is predictable) and a wonderful sense of humor. This fun little film is a forgotten gem of the musical comedy genre. The score: 5/5!