Kay Colby (Carole Lombard) is a rich New Yorker torn between two men. Bill Wadsworth (Cesar Romero) is Kay’s fiance, but Scott Miller (Preston Foster) also has a thing for her.

(Image: vargklo.com)
(Image: vargklo.com)

In order to eliminate the competition, Scott decides to buy out the company that Bill works for and send him to Japan on business. Scott also eliminates Kay’s competition by sending his own girlfriend, Countess Campanella (Betty Lawford) to Hawaii.

Kay’s mother (Janet Beecher) hopes she’ll end up with Scott, so she’s a conspirator in the whole deal… but Kay may be too upset by Bill’s departure for the plan to work.

Walter Lang directs Love Before Breakfast, which is based on a story by Faith Baldwin.

The film begins with very nice New York City scenery and lively music. This goes over very well, catching the viewer’s eye and ear and setting an uptempo mood for the rest of the film.

That pace and mood are maintained throughout most of the film as Kay struggles to choose between her two men. There’s a bit of drama mixed into all of the screwball fun, but for the most part the film pivots on the great comedic banter between Kay and Scott. As we all know, I loooove screwball comedy. It’s my favorite type of comedy and one of my favorite genres overall, so the quips that these two throw at each other throughout Love Before Breakfast were terribly fun for me to watch.

Carole Lombard is wonderful, as usual, and none of the other players come close to stealing the film from her. The character of Kay is full of sass and wit, and the film showcases exactly why Carole was considered the queen of screwball comedy.

Love Before Breakfast is a fairly standard film of the genre, but it’s tons of fun to watch and great performances are given by all. Fans of the genre and of Carole will love this one. The score: 4/5