May 2013 in film!

New to me viewings: 14

Re-watches: 13

Total watched this month: 27

Total in 2013 so far: 199

What an odd tally. This is the month in the history of TMP that I’ve had more re-watches than new to me viewings. (Oops! I had accidentally marked two new to me films as re-watches, so the tally was wrong when this post was originally published. The numbers are corrected now and none of the other stats were reported incorrectly.) It’s the first time in the history of TMP that I’ve watched less than 30 films in a month. I watched about 20 fewer films this month than I did last May! I’m in a slump. Hopefully I’ll get my mojo back in June.

The “new to me” list:

  • Invasion of the Star Creatures (1962)
  • Emergency Hospital (1956)
  • The Second Woman (1950)
  • The Devil’s Daughter (1939)
  • Midnight Warning (aka Eyes of Mystery, 1932)
  • So Long at the Fair (1950)
  • The Young Lovers (1949)
  • The Great Gatsby (2013)
  • Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde (1971)
  • Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story (2007)
  • Fast & Furious 6 (2013)
  • So Big! (1932)
  • Miss Representation (2011)
  • Hitler’s Children (2011)


Tally by decade:

1930s – 3
1940s – 2
1950s – 6
1960s – 1
1970s – 1
1980s – 1
1990s – 2
2000s – 7
2010s – 4
(12 pre-’70, 15 post-’70: a ratio which can be blamed on a couple of great documentaries and a few cheesy re-watches with my sister)

Viewing methods:

Amazon Instant Video: 3
Netflix Instant: 6
From my collection: 9
From the family pool: 1
On the DVR: 6
At the theater: 2

There is no DVD collection update this month because I have the strongest willpower in the world and actually didn’t buy a single DVD in the month of May! My dad bought Jack Reacher and that’ll probably end up living on my shelves but other than that, no updates to the collection.


11 thoughts on “May 2013 in film!

  1. I always wanted to track my watched films this way, but I always forgot or whatever and everything gets away from me lol. Either way, good job. Impressive tally!


    1. Thank you! I actually started tracking my viewing even before I started blogging. It began out of curiousity, just wondering how many films I watched in a year. This is my fourth year tracking them so it’s just become a habit now!


    1. I filled up my Amazon cart a couple of times only to decide against it! We’ll see if I have the willpower to go through June without buying any, too, since I have to get a new phone at the end of the month. There’s a Judy Garland set calling my name, so it will be difficult haha.


  2. Ha, I actually own ‘Invasion of the Star Creatures’, an MGM Midnite Movies set coupled with ‘Invasion of the Bee Girls’. I haven’t seen ‘Star Creatures’ yet, but ‘Bee Girls’ is actually pretty good…and also a bit, um, sexy. I’m going to guess there will be a Classics of the Corn coming up soon featuring ‘Star Creatures’. Just a guess.


    1. Bee Girls is in one of my Mill Creek sets but I haven’t watched it. I think it’s in the 100 Horrors, which I’m hoping to dig into after my Spanish class ends. That set should produce a whole lot of CotC posts!


        1. That would make for a fantastic blog! I have one coming up on Monday from the Midnite Movies series that I’m really excited about. CotC are some of the most fun posts to write, despite all of the trouble I’ve had finding films that meet my criteria.


            1. I think I may be the last corny film fan on Earth to have seen it. It’s a truly brilliant one from the late ’80s. That’s all I’ll give away for now, though! Gotta keep everyone in suspense for another 36 hours or so.


              1. Well, count me out for now: the latest set I have is ‘Empire of the Ants’ and ‘Tentacles’, both released in 1977. So I’ll be in suspense mode ’til Monday!


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