Ann Sheridan

Born Clara Lou Sheridan
Date of birth: February 21, 1915
Date of death: January 21, 1967

Roles annsheridan

First role: Ladies Should Listen (1934)
Final film role: Woman and the Hunter (1957)
Final television role: Pistols ‘n’ Petticoats

Best known for…

…appearing in almost 100 roles over the span of her three-decade career

…being nicknamed ‘The Oomph Girl”

…being the heroine of the novel Ann Sheridan and the Sign of the Sphynx, part of a series of novels with famous actresses as their main characters

her close friendship with Humphrey Bogart, alongside whom she starred in multiple films.

Notable awards:

  • Named “Most Cooperative Actress” in 1943
  • Received a star on the Walk of Fame in 1960

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