Today we’ve got a fun little twist on the “Favorite Things About Favorite Films” series. Since the featured movie is silent, I thought I’d switch it up by making the “Favorite things/quotes” section silent as well  — told through screen captures from the DVD rather than the usual bullet-point list of commentary.

The favorite film:

(Image via
(Image via
The Man Who Laughs, a slightly horror-ish 1928 melodrama from director Paul Leni, based on Victor Hugo’s novel.

The synopsis:
Gwynplaine, for the mere offense of being his father’s son, has made an enemy of the King. When he’s kidnapped, he escapes with his life… but with a different face, a permanent smile carved into his skin by the cruel monarch. Gwynplaine thinks he’s found a place he can fit in when he and a blind infant are taken in by a traveling performer, but his true identity can’t stay undercover forever.

The cast:
Mary Philbin as Dea
Conrad Veidt as Gwynplaine
Julius Molnar, Jr. as young Gwynplaine
Olga Baclanova as Duchess Josiana
Brandon Hurst as Barkilphedro
Sam DeGrasse as King James

Favorite things/quotes:
(All screen captures by Lindsey for TMP)

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