Apologies for not having a post up yesterday, folks. My excuse involves a midterm, an emergency surgery, and a three-part group project. I’ll spare you the details and instead just give you one of TMP’s monthly staples, the collection update! Here’s what I added to my DVD shelves and OH-related book collection in October.


  • The Garbo Silents Collection – From the TCM Archives collection
    Includes the films Flesh and the Devil, The Mysterious Lady and The Temptress. Special features include commentary, a clip from the lost silent The Divine Woman, alternate endings for two of the films, photo montages, and a featurette about a TCM Young Film Composers Competition.
  • Ghost Ship (2002) – DVD
    A bargain bin Halloween purchase. It isn’t a great film, but it’s one that I always enjoy re-watching.
  • Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime: A Rat Pack Mystery by Robert J. Randisi
    A Vegas mystery novel based on the Rat Pack. I read this from the library a few years ago and really enjoyed it. My mom picked up a copy for me at the book sale not knowing that I’d read it before — I think it’s the exact copy I checked out, a withdrawal from the library’s collection!
  • Forever Young: The Authorized Autobiography of Loretta Young by Joan Wester Anderson
    Another library sale find!
  • The Good, The Bad, and Me by Eli Wallach
    Another library sale find!
  • The Ice Cream Blonde by Michelle Morgan
    Sent to me for review by the Chicago Review Press
  • The Pink Lady: The Many Lives of Helen Gahagan Douglas by Sally Denton
    Another library sale find!
  • Humphrey Bogart by Nathaniel Benchley
    Another library sale find!