Collector’s Corner: Collection Update, Vol. 7!

The last Collection Update on TMP covered acquisitions from March through June. Since then, I’ve had a birthday, run across some wonderful thrift store finds, and taken advantage of a few Criterion discounts. Here’s everything that I’ve added to the collections since June! Books Chaplin by Robert Manvell Debbie: My Life by Debbie Reynolds and David Patrick Columbia The Devil to Pay (Ellery Queen pocket … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Collection Update, Vol. 7!

Collector’s Corner: Collecting Bette

For this week’s Collector’s Corner, it’s another edition of Star Collections! This time around, we’re taking a look at another one of my top five favorite actresses, the incomparable Bette Davis. Bette Books & Mags Most of my book collection is made up of happy accidents. Occasionally I hunt down specific titles recommended by fellow classic films buffs, but mostly I just see what I … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Collecting Bette

Collector’s Corner: Christmas additions!

Welcome to the first Collector’s Corner of the new year! Just as we did for the blog and my viewing log, we can’t really begin a new year without wrapping up the last of our 2017 business. So, here’s one last 2017 collection update. Some of these additions were Christmas gifts from family, and some of them were purchased with Christmas money. Books Behind the … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Christmas additions!

Collector’s Corner: Collecting Cary Grant

It’s a well known fact ’round here that Cary Grant is one of my favorite actors. For this week’s Collector’s Corner, I’ll be taking a look at all of the Cary-related things I’ve collected over the years, and sharing my most-wanted list of Cary films to add to my shelf! Cary Books/Mags I own just one Cary Grant magazine cover: the July 26, 1966 issue … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Collecting Cary Grant

Collection Update: March 2017

Though I took some time off from blogging in March, I didn’t exactly take time off from adding to the collections. Here’s what I picked up! Films Empire Records (1995) – DVD Special features include additional scenes, music videos, and filmographies. I loved this film as a teen but haven’t seen it in years. Excited to give it a second look after finding this DVD … Continue reading Collection Update: March 2017

Collection Update: January 2016

January turned out to be a neat month in collecting. I found some cool movie-related books and added a few films to the shelves, too. Here’s the update! Books My mom and I took part in one of our favorite activities this month: browsing the library book sale! Her local public library holds one sale a season, and I happened to be visiting during the … Continue reading Collection Update: January 2016

Collection update: December 2016

December was a lucky month for the collection. I didn’t personally spend a single penny on adding to the shelves, but was very thoughtfully gifted several films and film-related books for the holidays. Here’s the list of December acquisitions! BOOKS The Hollywood Story by Joel W. Finler Cool coffee table book gifted by mom! This looks like a quick and fun read/reference. A quick flip-through … Continue reading Collection update: December 2016

Collection Update: October 2016

Fall is in full swing (finally, after a too-long and too-hot summer)! I love to spend time outdoors in the fall, but there’s really nothing better than cuddling up with a pup and a mug of cocoa, and reading a book or watching a film on a chilly night. To facilitate my own blanket-wrapped reading and movie-watching sessions, I picked up one DVD and a couple … Continue reading Collection Update: October 2016

Collection Update: June 2016

This month we’ve got another all-book update! No DVDs or Blu-rays purchased in the month of June, if you can believe it! But, of course, I couldn’t resist a few bookstore trips. Here’s what I picked up. Bette Davis by Alexander Walker Lovely, oversize book offering an overview of Bette’s career and plenty of photographs. Bette is slowly taking over my classic film book collection, … Continue reading Collection Update: June 2016