Make it a Marathon: 24 Hours of Stanwyck

Today around the classic movie blogosphere, we’re celebrating my favorite actress with the Remembering Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon, hosted by In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood! I found it difficult to settle on a single film to cover for this blogathon. Finally, an idea occurred to me: Why not make it a marathon? At this point I’ve reviewed nearly 60 Stanwyck films, so why not put together a playlist of my favorites and celebrate some of her greatest roles? Without further ado… here’s 24 hours of Stanwyck!

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (Image: 1001plus @ blogspot)

Baby Face – 71 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Lily Powers, a woman who leaves her home town and manipulates her way into power in New York

Banjo on My Knee – 99 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Pearl, a boat-dwelling woman who weds Ernie Holley (Joel McCrea) only to discover that hey may have killed one of their wedding guests

The Bitter Tea of General Yen – 88 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Megan Davis, a woman who is captured by a cruel general in Shanghai while trying to save a group of orphans

Christmas in Connecticut – 102 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Elizabeth Lane, a lifestyle column writer who has lied about being a housewife and must protect the truth from her boss and a visiting fan of her column

Ever in My Heart – 68 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Mary Archer, an American woman who marries a German man, facing discrimination alongside her husband when anti-German sentiment grows during wartime

(Image: Doctor Macro)
Golden Boy (Image: Doctor Macro)

Forty Guns – 79 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Jessica Drummond, an Arizona rancher who rules the county with guns, intimidation, and a band of loyal cowboy followers

Golden Boy – 99 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Lorna Moon, a tough-as-nails woman whose heart is softened when she falls for an up and coming boxer named Joe (William Holden, in his first starring role)

Ladies of Leisure – 99 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Kay Arnold, a party girl who falls in love with an already-engaged artist

Ladies They Talk About – 69 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Nan Taylor, a gun moll who enlists the help of a reformist radio host after her latest crime lands her in the clink

The Lady Eve  – 94 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Jean Harrington, a con artist whose latest scheme involves targeting the heir to a beer fortune

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (Image: 1001plus @ blogspot)

The Mad Miss Manton – 80 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Melsa Manton, a society girl who decides to solve a crime after finding a body while on a night walk with her dogs

The Miracle Woman – 90 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Florence Fallon, a preacher’s daughter who loses her faith after her father is fired from the church and dies soon after

My Reputation – 94 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Jessica Drummond, a woman struggling to raise her two sons after the death of her husband

The Purchase Price – 68 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Joan Gordon, a New York showgirl who leaves the big city behind to move to a farm as a mail-order bride

Stella Dallas – 80 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Stella, a working-class girl who marries a wealthy man, only for the marriage to crumble due to their differing backgrounds.

The Violent Men – 96 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Martha, the cheating wife of a ruthless rancher

(Image via
The Purchase Price (Image via

This playlist of 16 films adds up to 1,398 minutes, or a little over 23 hours, leaving 42 minutes for a mid-day nap!

18 thoughts on “Make it a Marathon: 24 Hours of Stanwyck

        1. Is it? I thought I’d seen it in the TCM shop for a decent price (on DVD). I have it saved on the DVR from one of their showings forever ago, so I haven’t really looked for it/got around to buying it.


      1. Oh sure! Pass the buck to one of your subordinate doppelgangers…again! And I wanted to mention, in case you’re keeping score: I’ve seen exactly TWO of the movies in your marathon: The Lady Eve, and one I just purchased, Christmas in Connecticut.


  1. 24 hours of Stanwyck sounds like a great idea! It’s funny, I’ve seen a lot of Stanwyck films but she has such an extensive filmography that there’s many that have escaped me – glad to see a few of them on your list!


    1. I’ve watched/reviewed over 50 of her films and I still feel like I have a lot to see! Her filmography is large, and she was so consistently great in her performances — there’s a mountain of good stuff for us to discover, haha.


  2. Hi Lindsey. Thanks so much for participating in the blogathon, and thank you for nominating me for the Leibster Award. Sorry about my late reply. I have only just returned to blogging after a long hiatus due to being away, and I only just seen the Liebster Award nomination. I will write a post about that.

    I enjoyed your interesting entry. Barbara Stanwyck is my favorite actress, and even though I’ve seen most of her films there are still a lot that have escaped me. Some of them are mention in this post.

    Oh by the way, I’ve just announced another blogathon for April, and would love to invite you to participate. The link is below with more details.


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