Today around the classic movie blogosphere, we’re celebrating my favorite actress with the Remembering Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon, hosted by In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood! I found it difficult to settle on a single film to cover for this blogathon. Finally, an idea occurred to me: Why not make it a marathon? At this point I’ve reviewed nearly 60 Stanwyck films, so why not put together a playlist of my favorites and celebrate some of her greatest roles? Without further ado… here’s 24 hours of Stanwyck!

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (Image: 1001plus @ blogspot)

Baby Face – 71 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Lily Powers, a woman who leaves her home town and manipulates her way into power in New York

Banjo on My Knee – 99 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Pearl, a boat-dwelling woman who weds Ernie Holley (Joel McCrea) only to discover that hey may have killed one of their wedding guests

The Bitter Tea of General Yen – 88 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Megan Davis, a woman who is captured by a cruel general in Shanghai while trying to save a group of orphans

Christmas in Connecticut – 102 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Elizabeth Lane, a lifestyle column writer who has lied about being a housewife and must protect the truth from her boss and a visiting fan of her column

Ever in My Heart – 68 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Mary Archer, an American woman who marries a German man, facing discrimination alongside her husband when anti-German sentiment grows during wartime

(Image: Doctor Macro)
Golden Boy (Image: Doctor Macro)

Forty Guns – 79 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Jessica Drummond, an Arizona rancher who rules the county with guns, intimidation, and a band of loyal cowboy followers

Golden Boy – 99 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Lorna Moon, a tough-as-nails woman whose heart is softened when she falls for an up and coming boxer named Joe (William Holden, in his first starring role)

Ladies of Leisure – 99 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Kay Arnold, a party girl who falls in love with an already-engaged artist

Ladies They Talk About – 69 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Nan Taylor, a gun moll who enlists the help of a reformist radio host after her latest crime lands her in the clink

The Lady Eve  – 94 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Jean Harrington, a con artist whose latest scheme involves targeting the heir to a beer fortune

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (Image: 1001plus @ blogspot)

The Mad Miss Manton – 80 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Melsa Manton, a society girl who decides to solve a crime after finding a body while on a night walk with her dogs

The Miracle Woman – 90 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Florence Fallon, a preacher’s daughter who loses her faith after her father is fired from the church and dies soon after

My Reputation – 94 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Jessica Drummond, a woman struggling to raise her two sons after the death of her husband

The Purchase Price – 68 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Joan Gordon, a New York showgirl who leaves the big city behind to move to a farm as a mail-order bride

Stella Dallas – 80 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Stella, a working-class girl who marries a wealthy man, only for the marriage to crumble due to their differing backgrounds.

The Violent Men – 96 minutes
Stanwyck’s role: Martha, the cheating wife of a ruthless rancher

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The Purchase Price (Image via

This playlist of 16 films adds up to 1,398 minutes, or a little over 23 hours, leaving 42 minutes for a mid-day nap!