January 2017 in Film

January sped by, and now we’ve made to to the second month of 2017. Before forging ahead with all of the reviews I’ve scheduled for February, here’s a look back at what I watched in January.

New-to-me viewings: 26

Re-watches: 5

Total for the month: 31

Total for 2017, so far: 31

The equivalent of one film per day, though I didn’t actually watch a film every day. I went through several small “movie droughts” in January where I’d go several days without watching anything… but made up for it with double features and mini-marathons.

The new-to-me list:

  • The Catered Affair (1956)
  • Dangerous Crossing (1953)
  • World Without End (1956)
  • Take a Chance (1918)
  • Just Neighbors (1919)
  • The Locked Door (1929)
  • Inner Workings (short, 2016)
  • Moana (2016)
  • Hidden Figures (2016)
  • Fences (2016)
  • Private Detective (1939)
  • Kid Nightingale (1939)
  • Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)
  • Jackie (2016)
  • Live by Night (2016)
  • Cattle Queen of Montana (1954)
  • The Seventh Veil (1945)
  • Split (2017)
  • My Neighbor Totoro (1989)
  • State’s Attorney (1932)
  • That Night in Rio (1941)
  • Born Reckless (1959)
  • Green for Danger (1947)
  • Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956)
  • The Giant Gila Monster (1959)
  • Best Friends (1982)

My five favorite classic-era discoveries of the month would have to be Dangerous Crossing, The Locked Door, Private DetectiveThat Night in Rio, and Green for Danger.


  • Legally Blonde (2001)
  • Meet John Doe (1941)
  • Hollywood Canteen (1944)
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Two re-watches for the Stanwyck project, two lovable rom-coms, and one of my favorite alien-centric flicks of all time. A great month for re-watching!

Viewing methods:

  • Amazon Video – 2
  • At the cinema – 7
  • FilmStruck – 5
  • Internet Archive – 1
  • Library rental (DVD) – 3
  • Movies! TV Network – 1
  • My collection (Blu) – 1
  • My collection (DVD) – 2
  • Netflix – 1
  • TCM – 1
  • Warner Archive Instant – 4
  • WatchTCM – 2
  • YouTube – 1

Plenty of trips to the cinema this month, though I also got good doses of screening in from FilmStruck (which I’m still loving!) and Warner Archive Instant.

By decade:

  • 1910s – 2
  • 1920s – 1
  • 1930s – 3
  • 1940s – 5
  • 1950s – 7
  • 1960s – 0
  • 1970s – 1
  • 1980s – 2
  • 1990s – 0
  • 2000s – 2
  • 2010s – 8

A pretty good mix this month! The 1960s and 1990s were the only neglected decades.

The month in blogging:

The first order of business on the blog in any new year is to look back at the previous year, which I did with TMP’s 2016 in Film: Yearly Viewing Recap. The WordPress “helper monkeys” didn’t put together any fun comparisons to the traffic of the Louvre this year, sadly!

The “Favorite things about…” feature of the month was Bachelor Mother, appropriate for the turn of the year, since it takes place just after Christmas/around New Year’s Eve.

The new FilmStruck Friday series continued with three posts: Keisuke Kinoshita’s Onna, Walter Reisch’s Men Are Not Gods, and a duo of Harold Lloyd short films.

After making many trips to my local multiplex this month, I wound up with several period films worth discussing. Two of the reviews went up in January: Hidden Figures and Jackie.

The rest of the month was filled with regular ol’ reviews of films from classic Hollywood, which can be found by browsing the month’s archive.

In terms of views, January was TMP’s biggest month ever, nearly hitting the 16,000 mark! Usually the average is around 10,000 hits per month. Thank you, readers, and here’s to a movie-filled February!


8 thoughts on “January 2017 in Film

  1. Hey, 31 films this month, just like me…and that’s the LAST time I’ll ever be able to say that! And what’s that second-to-last film on the list? Hmmmm…I think I smell a mini-blogathon on the horizon! Was that your lone Internet Archive viewing?


    1. Yep! Is that where you watched it? I thought I had it on DVD in a cheap sci-fi set but must have been confusing it with something else. Another film for another mini-blogathon, perhaps haha.


      1. No, I have it in a super cheap set my Dad got for me called ‘The Jurassic Collection’…where ‘Jurassic’ means a space monster, killer shrews, and some deadly piranhas. And let me know when you figure out what that other film is…maybe I have that collection as well!


        1. I thought it was in my Mill Creek “Sci-Fi Creature Classics 4-pack” set, but I think I was getting it confused with The Giant Claw (which I’ve already reviewed and, funnily enough, make mention of in my Gila review). The other films in the set are 20 Million Miles to Earth, It Came from Beneath the Sea and Mothra — all of which I’d be open to reviewing for future cheese-athons, if you have them!


          1. Good lord, you already have your Gila review done? I need to get cracking! And I do have 20 Million Miles to Earth and It Came from Beneath the Sea in a Ray Harryhausen set, and I like both of them! So Mothra would be a good pick for our next cheeser…but I don’t own it, and it’s not on-line! However, I do own Rodan and War of the Gargantuas!


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