I’ve been quite proud of myself for somewhat restricting my movie spending over the past several months, and February continued that trend. The only films I purchased myself were two titles I need to get to for the Stanwyck project:

  • Always Goodbye (DVD)
    Fox Cinema Archives MOD. No special features, but I watched this lesser-known Stanwyck drama as soon as it arrived. Review coming next week!
  • Union Pacific (DVD)
    Universal Vault Series MOD, no special features. This film co-stars Stanwyck and another TMP favorite, Joel McCrea!

My dad gifted me a Blu of a movie we both enjoyed, one of our shared favorites of 2015:

  • Ex Machina (Blu)
    Special features include a making-of featurette, behind-the-scenes vignettes, and a cast and crew Q&A session from SXSW.

But, the most exciting addition to the collection this month now sits on my dedicated TV series shelves. On a quest to replace some lost headphones, dad and I found ourselves at Best Buy and decided to dig through the bargain bins while we were there. I noticed some of the later seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the bin. I already owned Season 1 and don’t like to buy out of order, so I decided to dig through the bin to see if Season 2 was available.

After piling up a stack of literally every season but the second, I finally found it at the very bottom of the bin! …And being the generous dude that he is, dad decided he’d buy me the whole stack! Seasons three through seven don’t appear to include any special features, but season two includes:

  • Audio commentary
  • Documentary: 8 Characters in Search of a Sitcom
  • Documentary: Moore on Sunday (1973)
  • Clips from the Emmy Awards
  • Trivia challenge
  • Mad Magazine parody
  • Theme song karaoke
  • Photo gallery

Now that I own all of the seasons, I’m thinking of doing a Recap and React series, like I did for The Dick Van Dyke Show. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing that! Until then, this has been the collection update for Februrary. Happy viewing!