Hello, movie buffs!

A little update: I’ve decided that for the month of August, SUTS recommendations will be the only posts here on TMP, as I work to catch up on drafting reviews and scheduling fun stuff for fall. So you’ll see me every Wednesday until September 3, when we will return to our regularly-scheduled programming!

For this week’s recs, we’re covering all of the stars from August 9 through 15. Titles are linked to Letterboxd, where you can find more information about the films, including their streaming availability.

On to the movies!

August 9: Walter Matthau

(Image via FFF Movie Posters)

August 10: Dorothy Malone

August 11: Gary Cooper

August 12: Doris Day

(Image via DVDBeaver)

August 13: George Brent

August 14: Lupe Velez

August 15: Peter Finch

Happy viewing!