Summer Under the Stars 2018: Recommendations, August 9 – 15

Hello, movie buffs!

A little update: I’ve decided that for the month of August, SUTS recommendations will be the only posts here on TMP, as I work to catch up on drafting reviews and scheduling fun stuff for fall. So you’ll see me every Wednesday until September 3, when we will return to our regularly-scheduled programming!

For this week’s recs, we’re covering all of the stars from August 9 through 15. Titles are linked to Letterboxd, where you can find more information about the films, including their streaming availability.

On to the movies!

August 9: Walter Matthau

(Image via FFF Movie Posters)

August 10: Dorothy Malone

August 11: Gary Cooper

August 12: Doris Day

(Image via DVDBeaver)

August 13: George Brent

August 14: Lupe Velez

August 15: Peter Finch

Happy viewing!

3 thoughts on “Summer Under the Stars 2018: Recommendations, August 9 – 15

  1. Fail Safe is tension filled brilliance. A big favourite.
    I’m still to see Network!! It’s been on my Netflix to watch list for ages, bet it goes the day I go for it. Hehe.
    PS got recommended your blog from Todd over a Cinema Monolith. Look forward to seeing your posts…. Mikey

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  2. Here are some Lupe Velez suggestions (set your DVR!): Kongo (a shocking Pre-Code that’ll have you going “How did they get away with that!”), The Half-Naked Truth (Lupe and Lee Tracy – need I say more!), Playmates (with a dissipated John Barrymore, Patsy Kelly, and Kay Kyser and His Kollege of Musical Knowledge), and Ladies’ Day (a funny baseball comedy costarring Eddie Albert, Patsy Kelly again, Iris Adrian, and Max Baer). Enjoy!

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