Summer Under the Stars 2018: Recommendations, August 1 – 8

One of TCM’s most wonderful annual features is upon us, again: Summer Under the Stars, which began this morning! With a different star celebrated on TCM each day in August, blocking off entire 24-hour blocks to binge the films of our favorites is always tempting. It isn’t always realistic, however, so I’m carrying on TMP’s tradition of sharing recommendations for each day of SUTS!

This year I’m offering up two or three recommendations from each day, giving you an idea of the films I’d recommend recording or prioritizing, if you haven’t already seen them. I’ve also linked all of the titles to Letterboxd, where you can find synopses, reviews, and streaming information.

I’m always looking for films to discover, too, so feel free to leave your own picks in the comments!

August 1: Frank Sinatra

I Love You Again, starring August 2nd’s star, Myrna Loy (Image via

August 2: Myrna Loy

August 3: Lionel Atwill

August 4: Clint Eastwood

August 5: Katharine Hepburn

August 6: Audrey Totter

August 7: Harold Lloyd

August 8: Jeanette MacDonald

San Francisco, starring August 8th’s star, Jeanette MacDonald (Image via Lady Lavinia 1932)

2 thoughts on “Summer Under the Stars 2018: Recommendations, August 1 – 8

  1. Are they showing “Son of Frankenstein?” Lionell Atwell’s performance tends to get missed, what with the star power of Karloff, Lugosi, and Rathbone up against him, but I quite enjoy his approach to it.


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