It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag/Q&A! While catching up on my YouTube subscriptions I saw a new one made by Raquel of Out of the Past: the Classic Movie Tag — ten questions exploring our love of classic film.

Raquel posted this back in May. (Am I still considered fashionably late at this point, or just obnoxiously so?) Her blog says responses are welcome at any time, so I’m finally submitting mine today!

  1. What’s one classic movie that you recommend to people over and over and over again?
    I try to tailor my recommendations to the person who is asking; it’s one of many tactics I use in my efforts to create new classic film fans, haha. One film I recommend to just about everyone, though, is Roman Holiday (1953). It’s such a delightful film — I don’t think I know a single person who dislikes it. For the more seasoned classic movie buff or those who don’t like romance, I’m always recommending Angel Face (1953).
  2. What was the last classic film you saw and what were your thoughts about it?
    My last classic screening was a re-watch — Charade (1963). It’s one of my all-time favorites. The style! The suspense! Cary Grant! Audrey Hepburn! There’s so much to love about it.
  3. Name a classic movie genre you love and one you dislike.
    Love: Suspense. I’ve had an interest in mysteries and crimes since childhood, so classic suspense is a natural favorite. Even the most obscure, unknown, low-budget suspense films, I’m practically guaranteed to enjoy at least a bit.
    Dislike: I honestly can’t think of one! A few years ago, my immediate answer would have been Westerns, but I’ve come to appreciate them. I like a little bit of everything.
  4. Name a classic movie star with whom you share a birthday or hometown. 
    I share a birthday with Clara Bow, Maria Ouspenskaya, Theda Bara, Thelma Todd, and William Powell… plus Ken Burns and Tim Gunn (July 29)!
  5. Give a shout out to a friend or family member who shares your love of classic movies.
    I’ve helped many a friend and family member grow their appreciation for classic film, but my shout out has to go to a blogger friend, Todd of Cinema Monolith — lover of classic and corny films, and the legendary co-host of the Mini Cheese-athon!
  6. Name a classic movie star who makes your heart skip a beat or whom you admire greatly.
    I greatly admire Sidney Poitier — a multi-talented author, director, and (of course) pioneering and award-winning actor. Beyond enjoying his films, I have always admired his sense of determination and gracefulness.
  7. Describe one memorable experience watching a classic movie.
    I have a lot of great memories of getting the opportunity to see favorite classics on the big screen, sometimes with special guests in attendance. But for some reason, the first time I saw The Tingler is particularly memorable to me. I was just getting into classic film, and my main interest was in horror films — especially those starring Vincent Price. TCM was showing The Tingler so, of course, I decided to tune in. Even though it was the middle of the day and I had no “Percepto!” built into my chair, that gimmicky theater scene left such an impression on me. It was like nothing I’d ever seen, and I thought it was so clever. It was one of the moments that really cemented my growing love of classic film! (And I still adore that film.)
  8. Describe the craziest thing you’ve done because of your passion for classic movies.
    I have developed a unique talent for finding books about classic film in strange places. The craziest was probably a gun and knife show. (Cheap tickets and air conditioning have lured many a Michigander to these shows on dull, hot summer weekends.) I managed to find a copy of Katharine Hepburn’s The Making of The African Queen for sale, in near-perfect condition!
  9. What’s something classic movie related that you love to collect?
    I collect books and DVDs — don’t we all? I love autobiographies. Then, there’s my classic movie magazine collection. I also have a small collection of unusual classic movie memorabilia, which includes a mirror decorated with Clark Gable’s face.
  10. What’s your favorite way to share your passion for classic movies?
    My favorite way to share my passion for classic film is through introducing other people to films they’ve never seen! Whether it’s curating a movie night of new-to-her classics for my sister or writing about lesser-known titles on this blog, I get a lot of joy from hearing that I’ve introduced someone to an old movie that they now love and will revisit.

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