Tarantula (1955)

Matt Hastings (John Agar) is a doctor on a mission. After being refused an autopsy on a highly unusual corpse by the sheriff, Dr. Hastings is determined to figure out what caused the corpse’s apparent sudden acromegaly. Hastings calls on Dr. Gerald Deemer (Leo G. Carroll), who had a hand in refusing the autopsy. As it turns out, Deemer knows there’s something odd going on. … Continue reading Tarantula (1955)

September 2018 in Film

In this installment of “Lindsey apologizes for being a delinquent viewer and absent blogger”… You guessed it, another tiny viewing month for TMP! Working several jobs is no joke, y’all. I’m trying to schedule my time more wisely and hopefully make room for plenty of spooky viewing in October, but before we get to that, a look back at a miniature movie month. New-to-me viewings: … Continue reading September 2018 in Film

Star of Midnight (1935)

“Hey, this is swell. Home murder mysteries! Why go out for thrills when you can have them in your own parlor?” Tim Winthrop (Leslie Fenton) has asked his criminal lawyer pal Clay Dalzell (William Powell) for help tracking down a missing girlfriend. Clay’s sort-of fiancée, Donna Mantin (Ginger Rogers) is intrigued by the case. That night, the three head to the theater, where the mysterious … Continue reading Star of Midnight (1935)

Murder on Diamond Row (1937)

Things aren’t going too well for the jewel thieves of London. They’re managing to steal plenty of diamonds, but a ghoul only known as “the Squeaker” is forcing them to sell their spoils to him at a fraction of their value. Even though it may land him in trouble with Scotland Yard (from whom the Squeaker promises protection), Larry Graeme (Robert Newton) refuses to comply … Continue reading Murder on Diamond Row (1937)

The Very Thought of You (1944)

The war is on, and Dave Stewart has been on active duty for over a year with his buddy Fixit Gilman. They’re finally being given a short leave to visit California. While on their three-day pass, Dave and Fixit head to Pasadena, where Dave went to college. On the bus, they meet Cora Colton (Faye Emerson) and Janet Wheeler (Eleanor Parker). Girl-crazy Fixit is instantly … Continue reading The Very Thought of You (1944)

The Smallest Show on Earth (1957)

Matt and Jean Spenser (played by real-life couple Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna) are a young couple with big dreams. Matt is set to receive an inheritance from his uncle, and when he does, it’s off to Samarkand for adventure and exploration. But the inheritance isn’t quite what Matt expects. Instead of a wad of cash, it’s a property — a movie theater. Not all … Continue reading The Smallest Show on Earth (1957)

Summer Under the Stars 2018: Recommendations, August 23 – 31

Welcome to our final installment of this year’s SUTS recommendations! These are my must-see picks for the rest of the celebration, through August 31. All times are listed in EST. Feel free to share your own picks in the comments! August 23: Virginia Mayo 4:00 pm – Great Day in the Morning (1956) 6:00 pm – Colorado Territory (1949) 9:45 pm – Backfire (1950) August … Continue reading Summer Under the Stars 2018: Recommendations, August 23 – 31

Summer Under the Stars 2018: Recommendations, August 16 – 22

Another week has passed, so it’s time for more Summer Under the Stars recommendations! Here’s what I think you should watch over the next week. (All times are listed in EST.) Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments! August 16: Miriam Hopkins 7:30 am – The Richest Girl in the World (1934) 6:00 pm – Old Acquaintance (1943) 2:30 am – Wise … Continue reading Summer Under the Stars 2018: Recommendations, August 16 – 22

Summer Under the Stars 2018: Recommendations, August 9 – 15

Hello, movie buffs! A little update: I’ve decided that for the month of August, SUTS recommendations will be the only posts here on TMP, as I work to catch up on drafting reviews and scheduling fun stuff for fall. So you’ll see me every Wednesday until September 3, when we will return to our regularly-scheduled programming! For this week’s recs, we’re covering all of the … Continue reading Summer Under the Stars 2018: Recommendations, August 9 – 15