Favorite things about… Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941)

The favorite film: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a screwball comedy from the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock The synopsis: Ann and David Smith are a happily married couple living in New York City… but they have their share of fights. Fights that tend to last for up to eight days. Still, each time, they reconcile… until it comes to light that their marriage isn’t legal! … Continue reading Favorite things about… Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941)

Topper Returns (1941)

Gail (Joan Blondell) and Ann (Carole Landis) are in a car wreck one day on their way to the home of Ann’s estranged father. They’re nearly stranded, but luckily, Cosmo Topper (Roland Young) and his chauffeur happen to pass by. Topper rescues the girls and drops them at the Carrington mansion, though it looks practically deserted. There’s an eerie aura about the place, but they’re eventually … Continue reading Topper Returns (1941)

Three Loves Has Nancy (1938)

Malcolm Niles (Robert Montgomery) is a New York writer who should have no problem drawing inspiration from life, thanks to his latest romantic troubles. Excited for a romance with actress Vivian Herford (Claire Dodd), the fire is extinguished when Vivian’s mother (Cora Witherspoon) shows up and immediately starts talking about weddings. Malcolm has no interest in marriage, and so decides to flee, embarking on a … Continue reading Three Loves Has Nancy (1938)

Favorite things about… Midnight (1939)

The favorite film: Midnight, a 1939 screwball comedy directed by Mitchell Leisen The synopsis: Arriving in Paris with no money and no place to stay, Eve Peabody tries to get a job as a club singer with the help of taxi driver Tibor Czerny. When none of the clubs will hire her, she sneaks into a charity concert, where she catches the attention of Georges Flammarion. … Continue reading Favorite things about… Midnight (1939)

Favorite things about… Designing Woman (1957)

The favorite film: Designing Woman, a 1957 romantic comedy directed by Vincente Minnelli The synopsis: Sports writer Mike Hagen has spent a long night out in Los Angeles, drinking and having fun with fellow reporters. When he wakes up, he’s terribly hungover and can’t remember whether he submitted his copy during that wild night. Luckily for Mike, he did submit copy… but it was co-written … Continue reading Favorite things about… Designing Woman (1957)

Johnny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1944)

Kathie Aumont (Simone Simon) has come to Washington, D. C. where she’ll be starting a job as a defense worker. She’s planning to live with her friend Sally (Gladys Blake), but is in for a surprise. As Sally explains it, “I wrote you on Monday. I met Georgie Thursday!” — Georgie being the name of her new husband, meaning she no longer has a need … Continue reading Johnny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1944)

She Couldn’t Say No (1954)

Corby Lane (Jean Simmons) has returned from England and is headed straight for an unexpected location: a tiny town in Arkansas! She intends to visit Dr. Robert Sellers but instead finds his son, Doc (Robert Mitchum). She tells him that she’s on her way to California, and asks what he would do if she gave him $5,000. Doc, confused by the question, says he’d lock … Continue reading She Couldn’t Say No (1954)

Suddenly, It’s Spring (1947)

The war has ended, and WAC Captain Mary Morley (Paulette Goddard) is headed home to the States after spending the war counseling young military couples. She’s earned the nickname “Captain Lonelyhearts.” Captain Lonelyhearts may soon be a lonely heart herself, though. She’s met at the dock by her husband, Peter (Fred MacMurray), who has come to get her signature on a certain set of legal … Continue reading Suddenly, It’s Spring (1947)

George Washington Slept Here (1942)

Bill (Jack Benny) and Connie Fuller (Ann Sheridan) live a decent life in New York City, but they have one major problem: they can’t find the right place to live. At their current apartment, they’ve run into trouble with the landlord, who hates their mischievous (and slightly destructive) dog. Unwilling to give up the pup, Connie naturally decides that the family’s only option is to … Continue reading George Washington Slept Here (1942)