Bed of Roses (1933)

Lorry Evans (Constance Bennett) and Minnie Brown (Pert Kelton) have been released from jail and are boarding a boat for New Orleans. They’re short on money and prospects, but hope they’ll have some luck in the city. When they run into trouble on the boat, Lorry jumps overboard to avoid being arrested again and is … More Bed of Roses (1933)

Ladies in Love (1936)

Susie Schmidt (Loretta Young), Martha Karenye (Janet Gaynor), and Yoli Haydn (Constance Bennett) are three young women who have rented an apartment together in Budapest. Susie is a chorus girl, Martha works several odd jobs, and Yoli is a model. On move-in day at their new apartment, the women share their wishes. Susie wants to … More Ladies in Love (1936)

Born to Love (1931)

London, 1919. The war is raging on, but nurse Doris Kendall (Constance Bennett) still finds time to fall in love when she meets Captain Barry Craig (Joel McCrea) of the American Army Air Corps. When Barry proposes to Doris the day before he’s supposed to ship out, she refuses because marriage would mean that she … More Born to Love (1931)

The Common Law (1931)

The Common Law is a pre-code drama which serves as a critique of society’s conventions, especially in relation to marriage. Constance Bennett is Valerie West, the live-in girlfriend and model of painter John Neville (Joel McCrea). Valerie and John are American ex-pats living in Paris when they meet and decide to live together, much to … More The Common Law (1931)