Ladies in Love (1936)

Susie Schmidt (Loretta Young), Martha Karenye (Janet Gaynor), and Yoli Haydn (Constance Bennett) are three young women who have rented an apartment together in Budapest. Susie is a chorus girl, Martha works several odd jobs, and Yoli is a model. On move-in day at their new apartment, the women share their wishes. Susie wants to own a hat shop, like the one she used to … Continue reading Ladies in Love (1936)

One year, one film: 1937 – Topper

One year, one film: 1937 The film: Topper, dir. Norman Z. McLeod starring Cary Grant, Constance Bennett, Roland Young, Billie Burke Rating: Recommended | Highly Recommended | MUST-SEE It’s a well-known fact here on TMP that I adore Cary Grant. He’s one of my absolute favorite actors and tops my list of classic Hollywood crushes. Topper was one of the first Cary Grant films that I fell … Continue reading One year, one film: 1937 – Topper

Favorite things about… Topper (1937)

A note from Lindsey: This is my 500th post on TMP! Woohoo! The favorite film: Topper, a 1937 romantic fantasy-comedy directed by Norman Z. McLeod for MGM. The synopsis: George and Marion Kerby are a rich, fun-loving couple who care more about having a grand time than leading responsible lives. While heading home from the one corporate meeting that George attends each year, their car … Continue reading Favorite things about… Topper (1937)

Two Against the World (1932)

Adell Hamilton (Constance Bennett), the youngest daughter of the Hamilton family, finds herself attracted to a lawyer named David Norton (Neil Hamilton). But their romance is no walk in the park. David is eventually assigned as the prosecutor in a murder case of which Adell has become a suspect, though her siblings were actually the ones involved in it. Will Adell risk losing her love … Continue reading Two Against the World (1932)

Born to Love (1931)

London, 1919. The war is raging on, but nurse Doris Kendall (Constance Bennett) still finds time to fall in love when she meets Captain Barry Craig (Joel McCrea) of the American Army Air Corps. When Barry proposes to Doris the day before he’s supposed to ship out, she refuses because marriage would mean that she would be sent back to America. They spend the night … Continue reading Born to Love (1931)

The Common Law (1931)

The Common Law is a pre-code drama which serves as a critique of society’s conventions, especially in relation to marriage. Constance Bennett is Valerie West, the live-in girlfriend and model of painter John Neville (Joel McCrea). Valerie and John are American ex-pats living in Paris when they meet and decide to live together, much to the chagrin of John’s sister, snooty high-society girl Claire (Hedda … Continue reading The Common Law (1931)

Top 9 non-musical comedies of the 1930s, #7

Topper (1937) Why? This was one of the first Cary films that I saw, and the first that made me fall in love with him. The plot is quirky, the performances are lovely, and it’s just a completely delightful film overall. Favorite character: I love George & Marion Kerby equally! Favorite quote or scene: The car crash/death itself is all at once dramatic and hilarious (which … Continue reading Top 9 non-musical comedies of the 1930s, #7