Small Town Girl (1953)

Duck Creek, Connecticut is a sleepy town full of friendly people. Cindy Kimball (Jane Powell) is one of the town’s most beloved residents — the daughter of the town judge and a soloist in the church choir. One Sunday evening, the Kimball family is enjoying a meal after church when they’re interrupted by a policeman … More Small Town Girl (1953)

Mill Creek Musings: Behave Yourself! (1951)

Bill Denny’s (Farley Granger) life isn’t as wonderful as it could be. He’s been happily married for two years, but he’s living with his grumpy, critical mother-in-law (Margalo Gillmore) while trying to jump-start his career as an accountant. Bill and his wife, Kate (Shelley Winters), love each other… but they’ve encountered their share of troubles … More Mill Creek Musings: Behave Yourself! (1951)

Our Very Own (1950)

Gail (Ann Blyth) is a pretty young girl who will soon be turning 18. She lives in a nice house with both of her suburban-perfect parents and two younger sisters. Things aren’t completely rosy in the home, though. Gail’s younger sister Joan (Joan Evans) has a bit of a crush of Gail’s boyfriend Chuck (Farley … More Our Very Own (1950)

Favorite things about… Strangers on a Train

The favorite film: Strangers on a Train, a 1951 crime thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock for Warner Bros. The synopsis: Famed tennis player Guy Haines is on a train when he meets apparent super-fan Bruno Anthony. Odd conversation ensues, and Bruno can’t seem to quit bringing up all of the gossip that’s been surrounding Guy … More Favorite things about… Strangers on a Train

Side Street (1950)

Side Street (1950): 2.8/5 Side Street is another Granger/O’Donnell match-up. And it’s another dramatic one, though not nearly as dramatic as They Live By Night. The two star as Joe and Ellen Norson, a struggling couple who are expecting their first child. Not knowing where to turn in order to support his newly growing family … More Side Street (1950)

Edge of Doom (1950)

Edge of Doom (1950): 3/5 Edge of Doom is a flashback noir in which Father Roth (Dana Andrews) uses an anecdote of his past experience as a pastor in order to convince his young fellow pastor from leaving. They’re pastors in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, and the younger pastor wants to be moved because he finds … More Edge of Doom (1950)