HORROR HALF-WEEK, Day 1: The Devil’s Hand (1961)

Welcome to TMP’s annual Horror Half-Week, a celebration of horror films in the four days leading up to and including Halloween! Today we begin with a review of 1961’s The Devil’s Hand. Rick Turner (Robert Alda) is engaged, but his fiancée (Ariadne Welter) isn’t the only woman in his life. There’s another (Linda Christian) who has been… Read More HORROR HALF-WEEK, Day 1: The Devil’s Hand (1961)

The Tall Target (1951)

The year is 1861. President Lincoln has recently been elected and will soon be inaugurated. John Kennedy (Dick Powell) is a New York police officer. With the country in turmoil following the election, Kennedy is convinced that Lincoln will face an assassination attempt on his way to Baltimore for a pre-inauguration speaking engagement. Kennedy unveils his… Read More The Tall Target (1951)

The Window (1949)

Tommy Woodry (Bobby Driscoll) is a trouble-making tween with a reputation for lying. His latest prank involves his whole family: when Tommy says they’re moving from Manhattan to a Texas ranch, the landlords begin showing their apartment, expecting them to move out any day. The Woodrys are fed up with Tommy’s behavior. He frequently tells… Read More The Window (1949)

Bewitched (1945)

Joan Ellis (Phyllis Thaxter) is a convicted murderer, sent to death row for her crime. Her execution has been scheduled, and in less than an hour she’ll be dead. Joan’s psychiatrist, Dr. Bergson (Edmund Gwenn), wishes to clarify the facts of the scandalous case. He reflects on her psychological deterioration. She was a normal girl… Read More Bewitched (1945)

A Lost Lady (1934)

Marian (Barbara Stanwyck) is set to marry her love, Ned Montgomery (Phillip Reed) in less than 48 hours. The two are celebrating their upcoming wedding at a party thrown for them by friends when they decide to leave and spend some alone time together. On their way out of the party, Ned and Marian are… Read More A Lost Lady (1934)