Rhoda Montaine (Margaret Lindsay) has just learned some shocking news. Her first husband, Gregory Moxley (Errol Flynn), was thought to be dead… but he’s alive. Not only that, he’s blackmailing Rhoda!

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Rhoda has remarried with Carl Montaine (Donald Woods), a wealthy man. She wants to protect him from scandal, so she calls on her old friend Perry Mason (Warren William) to help her get out of the mess.

The Case of the Curious Bride was directed by Michael Curtiz. The screenplay was written by Tom Reed from a story by Erle Stanley Gardner, with additional dialogue by Brown Holmes. The film also features wonderful fashions by Orry-Kelly.

This is the second film in a series in which Warren William starred as the famed lawyer Perry Mason. The first in the series was The Case of the Howling Dog, which I haven’t seen. I typically try to watch things in order, but came across this on TCM and decided to give it a look.

William is a great fit for his role here, playing Mason in a very spirited and confident manner. The rest of the cast is also packed with talent, with appearances made by Margaret Lindsay as Mason’s client, Allen Jenkins as “Spudsy,”, Claire Dodd as Mason’s assistant Della, and even Errol Flynn in an early role!

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The Case of the Curious Bride is quite procedural in its approach to the central mystery, focused on Mason’s pursuit of the truth rather than on Moxley and all of the drama surrounding him. It’s discussed, but not shown in detail, which keeps the mood light and cements William as the film’s center.

The tone is kept fun throughout. I wouldn’t quite classify this as a mystery-comedy, but it’s very enjoyable to watch, with several witty lines and curious characters. I look forward to seeking out more of the Warren William as Perry Mason series!