They Met in Bombay (1941)

Anya von Duren (Rosalind Russell) and Gerald Meldrick (Clark Gable) are jewel thieves, but this is no coupled-up teamwork arrangement. They’re competitors, both after a very large, very expensive piece known as the “Star of Asia.” The jewel is owned by a Duchess (Jessie Ralph), and both thieves try to win her confidence. Gerald’s tactic is to pose as a detective, while Anya takes on … Continue reading They Met in Bombay (1941)

Star Spotlight: Rosalind Russell

Rosalind Russell Born Catherine Rosalind Russell Date of birth: June 4, 1907 Date of death: November 28, 1976 Roles First role: “Mrs. Harrison” in Evelyn Prentice Final big-screen role: “Mrs. Pollifax” in Mrs. Pollifax – Spy Final television role: “Laurita Dorsey” in The Crooked Hearts (TV Movie) TMP’s favorites: It’s a two-way tie between “Sylvia Fowler” in The Women and “Mame Dennis” in Auntie Mame, … Continue reading Star Spotlight: Rosalind Russell

No Time for Comedy (1940)

Linda Paige (Rosalind Russell) is a very successful star of the stage, but her latest play has hit a few speed bumps. It needs some rewriting, and the writer — the naive, up-and-coming Gaylord Esterbrook (James Stewart) — has been called in to the city from his tiny hometown of Redfield, Minnesota to do the job. Producer Richard Benson (Clarence Kolb) ultimately decides to pull … Continue reading No Time for Comedy (1940)

The Feminine Touch (1941)

John Hathaway (Don Ameche) teaches psychology at Digby College, and he’s grown impatient with his lazy students, who seem more dedicated to the football team than to their studies. They’re even growing out beards in solidarity, vowing not to shave until the football team beats their rival, Laurel College. A bit bored of his job as a professor, Hathaway has dedicated a lot of his … Continue reading The Feminine Touch (1941)

Favorite things about… His Girl Friday (1940)

The favorite film: His Girl Friday, a 1940 screwball comedy directed by Howard Hawks for Columbia Pictures The synopsis: Walter Burns is a newspaper man, the editor of one of Chicago’s most important papers. His star reporter and former wife Hildy Johnson has decided to quit the business to marry an insurance salesman named Bruce. But Walter isn’t willing to let Hildy go without a … Continue reading Favorite things about… His Girl Friday (1940)

Favorite things about… The Women (1939)

A note from Lindsey: Exactly a year ago today I published a post about 1939’s The Women, which I had discovered two days earlier. (I posted a very tiny review of it.) Here’s another look at the film, which became an instant favorite and was viewed multiple times last year. The favorite film: The Women, a 1939 comedy with an all-female cast, directed by the … Continue reading Favorite things about… The Women (1939)

Netflix Instant Pick #8 – Auntie Mame

“Life’s a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.” So goes the expression that Auntie Mame (the amazing Roz Russell) lives by. She doesn’t want to be one of those poor suckers, and she certainly does live a full life! Eccentric Mame takes in her young nephew Patrick after her brother passes away, and the film follows a pretty large chunk of their … Continue reading Netflix Instant Pick #8 – Auntie Mame

Lindsey’s Lists: Characters with enviable wardrobes (Part IV)

Penelope Wilhern – Penelope (2006) Designed by: Jill Taylor Penelope may be a film focused on the importance of inner beauty, but wardrobe designer Jill Taylor did a great job of giving the title character, Penelope Wilhern, a fantastic sense of style in addition to her smarts and wit. Her wardrobe is very ladylike, sometimes bordering on whimsical. She has a beautiful collection of jewel-toned … Continue reading Lindsey’s Lists: Characters with enviable wardrobes (Part IV)