The Case of the Curious Bride (1935)

Rhoda Montaine (Margaret Lindsay) has just learned some shocking news. Her first husband, Gregory Moxley (Errol Flynn), was thought to be dead… but he’s alive. Not only that, he’s blackmailing Rhoda! Rhoda has remarried with Carl Montaine (Donald Woods), a wealthy man. She wants to protect him from scandal, so she calls on her old friend Perry Mason (Warren William) to help her get out … Continue reading The Case of the Curious Bride (1935)

Don’t Bet on Blondes (1935)

Odds Owen (Warren William) is a bookie who has just lost a big bet on a horse race. This loss was through no fault of his own, though. Opposing better T. Everett Markham (Clay Clement) has been doping the horses. Disgusted by Markham’s behavior and the general trend of dishonesty in the gamblin’ game, Odds decides to quit the bookie business and open an insurance … Continue reading Don’t Bet on Blondes (1935)

The Mind Reader (1933)

What’s one to do when snake oil-selling and faux-dentistry don’t work out as career paths? Become a future-seer, of course. Chandra the Great (Warren William) travels from town to town pretending to read minds, assisted by his pal Frank (Allen Jenkins), who gives him prompts through a hidden microphone. In one of the towns, Chandra sees a beautiful face in the crowd: Sylvia (Constance Cummings), … Continue reading The Mind Reader (1933)

Goodbye Again (1933)

Kenneth Bixby (Warren William) is a sensation of the American literary world, having written a number of best-selling, well-received novels. By his side through it all is Anne Rogers (Joan Blondell), his faithful secretary. While on a lecture tour, Kenneth reconnects with Julie Wilson (Genevieve Tobin), a girlfriend from his past. Julie believes she inspired the central character of Kenneth’s latest novel, and she wants … Continue reading Goodbye Again (1933)

The Secret Bride (1934)

This film was viewed as a part of TMP’s Barbara Stanwyck filmography project. Check out Listography for links to all previous reviews in the project! Ruth Vincent (Barbara Stanwyck) is the daughter of a governor (Arthur Byron). She has secretly married Robert Sheldon (Warren William), a district attorney. The two are very happy and plan to announce their marriage soon, but before they get the … Continue reading The Secret Bride (1934)

Employees’ Entrance (1933)

In New York City during the Depression, everyone suffered – especially those struggling to keep their businesses open. One such man is Kurt Anderson (Warren William), manager of a department store in big financial trouble. The store is doing only 1/3 of the business that it did before the Depression hit. Kurt is also a less-than-nice man who will fire long-time employees with no hesitation … Continue reading Employees’ Entrance (1933)