Reviewin’ the box: The Complete Thin Man Collection

What’s in the box?
This set includes all six of the Thin Man films, plus a plethora of special features and a bonus disc with documentaries about Myrna Loy and William Powell.

  • DISC ONE – The Thin Man (1934), plus a trailer gallery
  • DISC TWO – After the Thin Man (1936), plus a short, a cartoon, a Powell/Loy radio program, a radio promo and a trailer
  • DISC THREE – Another Thin Man (1939), plus a short, a cartoon and a trailer
  • DISC FOUR – Shadow of the Thin Man (1941), plus a short, a cartoon and a trailer
  • DISC FIVE – The Thin Man Goes Home (1944), plus a short, a cartoon and a trailer
  • DISC SIX – Song of the Thin Man (1947), plus a short, a cartoon and a trailer
  • DISC SEVEN – Myrna Loy: So Nice to Come Home to (1990) and William Powell: A True Gentleman (2005), plus a television episode and The Thin Man radio show (starring Loy and Powell)

Packaging: 5/5
All of the discs come in their own plastic keepcases, which are then packaged together in a beautifully illustrated cardboard carrier. The covers on the keepcases are fantastic and are fairly traditional as far as classic poster style. These are just as beautiful as the full set illustration, and the use of color is very striking. They make great additions to your shelf either on their own or kept together in the cardboard carrier.

DVD Quality: 5/5
Image and sound quality are both crisp and flawless. No complaints here!

Special Features: 4/5
The included short films and cartoons are all lovely, as are the original theatrical trailers. Disc seven includes documentaries on the series leads, which do leave a bit to be desired. The Myrna Loy doc in particular could have benefited from the use of interviews with those close to her. I also would have liked to see more “behind the scenes” features from the making of The Thin Man films (even a photographic slideshow would have been fine!). Overall, though, the features are very nice.

Overall score: 5/5
The scores given above average out to about 4.7/5, but I still give this set an overall score of 5/5 because the films themselves are so wonderful. I consider this one of the best film series ever produced. Though the films all follow the same general formula, I’m able to watch the entire set in a day without getting bored of them, because each mystery is very different and the witty banter between Nick & Nora keeps the viewer enthralled.
It’s great to have all six of them in a set together, some of which had never been released on DVD until this set came out. I highly recommend this to any fan of Myrna Loy, William Powell, Myrna and William together, The Thin Man series… or even those who are just a fan of puppies, because Nick & Nora’s dog Asta is a main character in is own right, and a delightful one at that!