Reviews in a line or two: The Lucky Chimpanzee, Jolene, is Out of My League

Jolene (2008) – Jessica Chastain gives a phenomenal performance as a girl who marries at age 15, runs into some trouble with her husband’s family and spends the next ten years of her life traveling the country- working as a tattoo shop apprentice, a waitress and a Vegas dancer along the way – all the while searching for the missing piece in her life. I probably wouldn’t watch it again because it contains more explicit content than I prefer to watch, but it’s an interesting film carried by a fantastic actress. The score: 3/5

She’s Out of My League (2010) – This is your typical 21st century crap comedy. If you go in with very low expectations (as I did) you may find the slightest, most miniscule bit of enjoyment in a few of the scenes, but overall it’s just predictable and bland. The score: 1/5

Chimpanzee (2012) – Chimpanzee tells the unusual story of a young chimpanzee who gets adopted by his group’s alpha male after his mother dies. The narration of this Disney Nature documentary is obviously targeted toward children, and if you really want to learn about chimpanzee culture you should probably stick to higher-level documentaries or read a few field studies, but the film is beautifully photographed and definitely worth a watch. The score: 4/5 (SEE IT THIS WEEK AND DISNEY WILL DONATE 20 CENTS PER TICKET TO THE JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE! JGI is a fantastic organization, so show your support!)

The Lucky One (2012) – This film was both better than I expected and worse, with a fantastic supporting cast but too slow of a pace and not enough chemistry between the leads. Still, if you can enjoy it for what it is (typical Nicholas Sparks fare) and take in consideration bonus points for the plethora of puppies on screen, it’s a decent romantic drama. The score: 2.5/5

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