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The favorite film:
Purple Rain, a 1984 showbiz musical/romantic drama co-written by William Blinn and director Albert Magnoli

The synopsis:
“The Kid” is a talented young man trying to make it in the music business, regularly performing for a growing legion of admirers.

While trying to catch his big break, The Kid must deal with a destructive father, a very shrewd rival (Morris Day) and a complicated romance with a fellow singer (Apollonia).

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The cast:

  • Prince as The Kid
  • Apollonia Kotero as Apollonia
  • Morris Day as Morris Day
  • Olga Karlatos as The Kid’s mother
  • Clarence Williams III as The Kid’s father

Fun facts:

  • The film is rumored to have been given an X-rating when intially screened by the MPAA. Director Albert Magnoli has denied this, but fans point to an early version of the script (which contains an explicit scene that doesn’t appear in the final film) as evidence.
  • Most of the songs performed in the film were recorded live.
  • Clarence Williams III, Olga Kartalos and Apollonia Kotero are the only professional actors who appear in the film.
  • Vanity was originally slated as Prince’s love interest but was replaced by Apollonia.
  • The film originally featured scenes of Wendy and Lisa kissing, but they were cut from the final version of the film.
  • A simplified version of the symbol that Prince later changed his name to appears as a decal on his motorcycle.
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Favorite things:

  • The music. I love Prince, and this soundtrack (including songs performed by Prince, Morris Day, Dez Dickerson and Apollonia) is great. Favorite tracks:
    • “Modernaire” by Dez Dickerson
    • “Computer Blue” by Prince
    • “Purple Rain” by Prince
  • It’s definitely a good idea to wear leather while adventuring in the woods.
  • Prince’s hair
  • Prince’s doll collection
  • The guy with the Detroit hat
  • Morris Day’s mustache
  • Quotes:
    • Prince: “That ain’t Lake Minnetonka.”
    • Morris: “Your shoes on too tight or something?”
    • Morris: “Okay. What’s the password?”
      (Image via prince.org)

      Jerome: “You got it.”
      Morris: “Got what?”
      Jerome: “The password.”
      Morris: “The password is what?”
      Jerome: “Exactly.”
      Morris: “The password is exactly?”
      Jerome: “No, it’s okay.”
      Morris: “The password is okay?”
      Jerome: “Far as I’m concerned.”
      Morris: “Damn it, say the password!”
      Jerome: “What?”
      Morris: “Say the password, onion head!”
      Jerome: “The password is what?”
      Morris: “That’s what I’m asking you!”
      Jerome: “It’s the password!”
      Morris: “The password is it?”
      Jerome: “Ahhhhh! The password is what!”
      Morris: “It! You just said so!”
      Jerome: “The password isn’t it! The password is?”
      Morris: “What?”
      Jerome: “Got it!”
      Morris: “I got it?”
      Jerome: “Right.”
      Morris: “It or right?”