Yesterday we recapped the month in viewing. Now, let’s take a look at what I added to my collections this month! This update includes DVD, Blu-ray, movie-related book, and vintage fan magazine acquisitions.


Not too many additions on the movie/TV collection front this month, but I did get a couple of little gifts from the ‘rents. I’m kind of impressed with myself for not having purchased a single DVD or Blu disc for myself in January. Believe me, all of those sale e-mails I was getting from TCM and Warner had me tempted, haha. It was a rare month!


    • Downton Abbey, Season 1 (DVD) – A gift from my mom
      Original UK edition. Includes a “Making of” clip and a feature called “Downton Abbey: A House in History.”


    • Lucy – A gift from my dad
      Blu/DVD/Digital combo pack. Includes “The Evolution of Lucy” and “Cerebral Capacity: The True Science of Lucy” featurettes.

Entertainment-related books/ephemera

I did a bit of traveling last month and found myself in East Lansing, MI where I was drawn to two wonderful book shops: Archives Book Shop and The Curious Book Shop. They’re located just a few blocks away from each other and both sell books AND old magazines (plus various other paper products — postcards, sheet music, vintage ads, etc.). I couldn’t stop myself from doing a bit of shopping! Also paid a visit to my favorite antique shop during the month.


  • The Best Movie Trivia & Quiz Book Ever by Malcom Vance
    1982, Hardcover. I love collecting classic movie trivia books and couldn’t pass this one up when I came across it at the local antique shop!
  • Cary Grant by Jerry Vermilye
    Second printing, 1975, paperback. Part of the Pyramid Illustrated History of the Movies series, from which I also own books about Gable and Brando! It’s a little pocket paperback that gives an overview of Grant’s career, with plenty of promotional photos and movie stills included.
  • Cary Grant: A celebration by Richard Schickel
    First American edition, 1983, hardcover. Beautiful, oversized book, packed with photos and again focused on Grant’s career.
  • Lunatics and Lovers: The Years of the Screwball Movie Comedy from Dinner at Eight to The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek by Ted Sennett
    1973, hardcover. Highlights of the screwball comedy genre, with sections for actor bios and films that were adapted from the stage, to name a few. Looks like a good read, and an opportunity to discover some films I’ve never seen!
  • Mother Goddam by Whitney Stine with commentary by Bette Davis
    1974, hardcover. I had to pick this up after reading Whitney Stine’s “I’d Love to Kiss You…,” a book about his friendship with Davis. In it, he discussed the process of adding Davis’ commentary to Mother Goddam, which initially brought them together.
  • The Outlaw Trail by Robert Redford
    First paperback printing, 1981. This is a book written by Robert Redford about his Nat Geo-funded travels along the “Outlaw Trail,” running from Canada to Mexico. I never realized that Robert Redford had written a book like this until coming across a copy of it at my favorite antique shop. Should be an interesting read!


  • Hollywood Life Stories No. 6, 1956
  • Confidential Magazine, February 1959
  • Modern Screen’s Hollywood Yearbook No. 5, 1962