March was unofficially Magazine Month ’round these parts, since vintage magazines were the only things I collected! TCM had a couple of sales that tempted me, but I decided I’d rather save the money. I couldn’t pass up some great mag bargains during a visit to my local antique shop, though. They were having a 15-20% off sale on everything, so I went looking for a desk. Came out with no desk, but an arm full of old paper, despite the fact that two of my usual magazine vendors no longer sell at this particular antique mall. More reason not to pass ’em up — when you find joyful things at that place, you buy them before they’re gone. Here’s the list!

  • LIFE, January 10, 1949 issue
    I can never pass up a well-priced slice of LIFE. This one was only a couple of bucks. COVER IMAGE: Debutante Joanne Connelley
  • McCall’s – 4 issues
    Four mags bagged together for one low price!  A bit of a blind bag since I was unable to look at each individual issue before buying but I knew the ’50s fashions and variety of articles would be worth it, and they are, haha.
    **September 1955: includes “The Incredible Life of Harriet Hubbard Ayer”
    **January 1956: includes “President Lincoln and His Problem Sons”
    **February 1956: includes “Raise Your Child to Be a Rebel”
    **March 1956: includes “Beginning the Autobiography of the Duchess of Windsor”
  • Redbook – 4 issues
    These were all bagged together, like the McCall’s issues.
    **April 1956: includes “What’s ahead for the man Princess Margaret gave up?” and “The Sins of the Fathers: A dramatic report on the children our servicemen left behind”
    **May 1956: includes “Dick Nixon’s ‘Perfect Wife’: The woman nobody really knows” and “Have bathing suits gone crazy?”
    **June 1956: includes “Can you trust your dentist?” and “Hello, My Love: A provocative novel of marriage — of temptation and redemption by Alec Rackowe”
    **July 1956: Audrey Hepburn cover! Includes “Tragedy of a Young Girl: The true account of a fateful search for success — and love” and “The Private World of Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer”
  • The Saturday Evening Post, September 1977 issue
    Later than I usually buy but a couple of the cover stories grabbed my attention. (Henry Winkler!) COVER IMAGE: Farrah Fawcett; COVER STORIES: “Feel Fit as Farrah!,” “South Africa: Nothing But the Truth,” “Happiness! What is it? Who’s got it? How to get it.,” “The Fonz Goes to the Movies,” “Corporate Kings Go to the Track, Bet on Aerobics,” “Fire! How to Save Your Family,” “Love, Sex, and Soaps,” and “Breakfast Table Love Affair: David Hartman”
  • True Story, January 1939 issue
    I’ve seen this mag in the shop for several years, always locked up in a glass case with a $25 price tag. I guess I waited long enough to buy it, because this visit, the price had been slashed in half and then some — down to $10! Vendor discount and store discount on top of that. I got a pretty great deal on it, especially considering the fact that I’ve been eyeing it for so long! COVER IMAGE: Dorthea Davis; COVER STORIES: “In the Grip of the Devil – Paul Dwyer’s Own Story of Maine’s Amazing Carroll Case” and “My Love Was Outlawed by Hitler: Startling Revelation of an American Girl in Austria”