Collector’s Corner: Collecting Stanwyck

Back in November, I introducted a subcategory of Collector’s Corner called Star Collections. In this series I share all of the films, books, and magazines I own featuring a particular classic film star. The series started with Cary Grant, so it’s only appropriate that the second installment feature my favorite actress: Barbara Stanwyck! Stanwyck Books & Mags As I browsed my shelves, this surprised me … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Collecting Stanwyck

Collector’s Corner: Christmas Films!

I used to be a bit of a Scrooge who just thought of Christmas as a somewhat enjoyable day between two superior holidays, Halloween and New Year’s Eve. As the years have passed, though, Christmas has become my favorite holiday. I love that it falls early enough in winter that us Michiganders aren’t quite tired of snow yet. I love the lights, the scents, the … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Christmas Films!

Collector’s Corner: Film Collection Update

Collector’s Corner kicked off with a collection update back in July, but I haven’t shared my recent pick-ups since then, so I’m giving you the list today! Here’s everything I’ve added to my DVD/Blu collection in the past couple of months. The Criterion sale coincided with my birthday. Naturally, with a bit of birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and everything listed at 50% … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Film Collection Update

Collection update: December 2016

December was a lucky month for the collection. I didn’t personally spend a single penny on adding to the shelves, but was very thoughtfully gifted several films and film-related books for the holidays. Here’s the list of December acquisitions! BOOKS The Hollywood Story by Joel W. Finler Cool coffee table book gifted by mom! This looks like a quick and fun read/reference. A quick flip-through … Continue reading Collection update: December 2016

Collection Update: November 2015

Last month, I reorganized my DVD collection in its bookcase, separating the classic from the modern and weeding a few titles out of the collection. But weeding did not mean a loss in numbers, as I also added quite a few things to the collection throughout the month. Let’s take a look at what joined the TMP library in November! FILMS Ira & Abby (2007) … Continue reading Collection Update: November 2015

Lindsey’s lists: DVD collection part 2

A note from Lindsey: This is my 400th post on TMP! For a blog that’s about a month shy of its one year birthday, that’s a whole lot o’ postin’. Thank you all for reading. I’m so proud of what this blog has become and how it continues to grow, and that pride wouldn’t have a reason for existence without people like you coming back … Continue reading Lindsey’s lists: DVD collection part 2

Lindsey’s lists: DVD collection part 1

I have a lot of DVDs and now I’ve decided to share them with you! (Well, not literally… but I’ll share pictures). The following are pictures of what is stored on my first shelf of DVDs. Some of them are great films, some of them are terribly embarrassing. (There are four shelves in total, not including my sister’s DVDs which are stored on a fifth … Continue reading Lindsey’s lists: DVD collection part 1