Another month, another DVD-free collection update! I never intended to put myself on a film-buying ban but somehow, I haven’t purchased a single DVD, Blu, or boxed set since April. APRIL! I guess I’ve just been having too much fun with WatchTCM and Warner Archive Instant to feel compelled to DVD shop, but I do have a cart full on Amazon waiting for me to click the “checkout” button, so I suspect this trend will change in August.

I did manage to pick up a few mags and books in July. Here they are:

(Image courtesy of the publisher, Chicago Review Press)
(Image courtesy of the publisher, Chicago Review Press)
  • Look magazine issues: April 1, 1969 and July 15, 1969
    More old mags for the collection. Fascinating articles (and ads) in both of these including “New York Now: Has the dream city turned into a nightmare?” and “How Hippies Raise Their Children.”
  • The Real James Dean: Intimate Memories from Those Who Knew Him Best, ed. Peter L. Winkler
    This book was sent to me by Chicago Review Press. I was very excited to get an email about it because as mentioned on the blog when I reviewed all of James Dean’s starring roles earlier this year, he was one of my Grammy’s favorite actors. She passed away a year ago, in August 2015, and I can’t help but think she had a hand in sending this book my way! Through her, I have gained a great appreciation for Dean’s brief career. This book offers recollections about Dean from those who knew him throughout his life, from his childhood English teacher to several of his co-stars, and features a foreword by George Stevens, Jr. Check out my full review of The Real James Dean, or pick up a copy for yourself — the book was released on August 1!
  • To Sir, With Love by E. R. Braithwaite
    1977 hardcover with movie still cover. I discovered the film (starring Sidney Poitier) several years ago and loved it. I also own it on DVD. So of course, when I came across a little pocket-sized hardback with a photo of Sidney Poitier on the cover, I had to pick it up! I’ve never read this book but look forward to reading it and giving the film a re-watch for comparison. As an added bonus, the copy I picked up is an ex-library copy from a school library — fitting, since Poitier’s character is a teacher!