Fall is in full swing (finally, after a too-long and too-hot summer)! I love to spend time outdoors in the fall, but there’s really nothing better than cuddling up with a pup and a mug of cocoa, and reading a book or watching a film on a chilly night. To facilitate my own blanket-wrapped reading and movie-watching sessions, I picked up one DVD and a couple of film-related books in October. Here’s the list!

  • The Complete Films of Cary Grant by Donald Deschner
    Paperback, 1991, Carol Publishing Group (Originally published in 1973 by Citadel Press). This is one of my favorite type of books to collect — a filmography overview of a particular star. In the past I’ve reviewed similar volumes on Jean Harlow and Greta Garbo. I also own more on Bette Davis, Frank Sinatra, and others. They’re fun to flip through for the pictures, and also include great plot synopses and contemporary reviews for each film. Now I own one dedicated to my favorite man, Cary Grant — thanks to my mom who found it at the library book sale!
  • The Furies (DVD) – The Criterion Collection spine #435
    Purchased this so I could watch it for the Stanwyck project. I know Criterion discs always come with stellar special features but was delightfully surprised to find, when this arrived on my doorstep, that it comes with a book! Not just the usual essay booklet, but the novel by Niven Busch which serves as the film’s source material! You know what that means — Book vs. Film post coming up!
  • The MGM Story: All 1,714 Films of MGM Described and Illustrated in Color and Black and White by John Douglas Eames
    Hardcover, 1977, Sundial Publications (Originally published 1975). Similar to the Cary Grant book, but dedicated to a studio rather than a star. A very cool find, once again picked up by my mom at a local library book sale!