To Please a Lady (1950): 3/5

Barbara Stanwyck stars as Regina Forbes, a well-known but not necessarily well-liked journalist. Clark Gable is her love interest: Mike Brannan, a race car driver who isn’t exactly happy about  what has been said about him in Regina’s column.

The two are wonderful to watch together. They make a charming couple, and their romantic scenes together are lovely.

They also give great performances individually. Stanwyck is the perfect seemingly ruthless journalist with a soft side. She always does a fantastic job at playing double-sided roles such as this.

Gable’s performance is even better. I am in no way interested in or knowledgeable about motor sports, so I thought this film would be a complete dud for me once I found out about the racing element.

But Gable is so much fun to watch that he saves the film, for the most part. The racing scenes themselves were still a bit uninteresting to me, but his performance kept me from falling into distraction.

As a journalism major, the journalism story line was far more interesting to me than the racing plot, and that helped save the film for me as well.

But most of all, as already mentioned, the scenes showcasing both Gable and Stanwyck are the true redeemer of To Please a Lady.